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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Texas Baptist Delegation Headed to NBC Celebration

Last month, I blogged about Texas Baptist nay-sayers who aren't exactly thrilled with BGCT involvement in the New Baptist Covenant. You can read my take on that subject here.

In a follow-up post, I compiled a long list of Texas Baptists who are involved in the planning process of the New Baptist Covenant. Over 25% of those involved are Texas Baptists.

Quite impressive.

Anyhow, in the past month a new group of Texas Baptists has offered their support for the New Baptist Covenant.

The Texas Christian Life Commission through the Texas Baptist Young Professional Network will be leading a diverse delegation of young Texas Baptists to Atlanta for the January Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant.

From the Texas Baptist Young Professional Network website:
How is TBYPN related to the New Baptist Covenant?

Within the Baptist framework of autonomy of both congregation and believer, the NBC Celebration will produce new partnerships and strategies among the North American Baptist Fellowship of the Baptist World Alliance.

The theme of the New Baptist Covenant Celebration is Unity in Christ, answering the call by Jesus to pursue both evangelism and ministry to “the least of these” in Luke 4:18-19.

TBYPN will support the New Baptist Covenant by taking a large, diverse delegation of young adults to the Celebration.

This opportunity will be provided to members of TBYPN at a reduced cost, in order to support such a unique event and to actively grow our faith.
It's great to see that more Texas Baptists are supportive of the mission of the New Baptist Covenant. By doing so, the Texas Christian Life Commission through the Texas Baptist Young Professional Network is following in the footsteps of James M. Dunn. Dr. Dunn faithfully served as Executive Director the Texas Christian Life Commission for twelve years from 1968-1980 before taking over at the Baptist Joint Committee.
His words from ten years ago apply to these Texas Baptists right nice....
"They understood that individual religious experience and the application of Christianity...go together. If either personal faith or social gospel is genuine, the other is implied. If personal faith fits the tests of social concern, it's phony. If the pursuit of social justice is not rooted in the conviction that it's God's work, it lacks staying power.
These Texas Baptists who support the New Baptist Covenant have a holistic faith. And that folks is the kind that moves mountains....

For more on the Texas CLC and the Texas Baptist Young Professional Network, click here.

Also check out the unofficial blog of the New Baptist Covenant.

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Blogger texasinafrica said...

you totally stole my topic!

8:40 PM

Blogger Alexis said...

haha- Tx in Africa, you can still write about it! In fact, I think that would be FABULOUS! :-D

9:55 PM

Blogger Chuck said...

Big Daddy,

Just remember this naysayer's lyrics:

Nay, Nay,
there's no other way
to God but through Jesus,
despite what you say!

(Dedicated to keynote figure and speaker Jimmy Carter, Charles Kimball, and perhaps other "new Baptists" excited about Atlanta '08)

3:48 PM


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