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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

BCE Releases Golden Rule Politics DVD

Check out this new endeavor of the Baptist Center for Ethics....
With the official start of the 2008 presidential race on Labor Day weekend, the Baptist Center for Ethics today released an educational DVD challenging a prevailing myth that GOP stands for "God's Only Party."

"Golden Rule Politics: Reclaiming the Rightful Role of Faith in Politics" challenges a political myth constructed over 25 years by the Christian Right that the Republican Party is America's moral party and the party of God's favor. The 36-minute documentary--produced and directed by Baptist Center for Ethics Executive Director Robert Parham and EthicsDaily.com Culture Editor Cliff Vaughn--has an accompanying discussion guide for use in church, civic or home discussion groups.

Rooted in the theological conviction that God is neither a Republican nor a Democrat--and that neither party is thoroughly moral or completely immoral--the DVD explores the rightful role of faith in politics through interviews with clergy and politicians in Alabama, Missouri and Tennessee. It expands the moral agenda from the narrow list of issues prioritized by the Christian Right to the fuller expression of issues found in the Christian tradition, beginning with the biblical priority of doing justice.
Here's a clip from the DVD (an interview with William Buchanan, pastor of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church in Nashville)

For ordering information or if you want to watch more clips, click here.

Oh, and Big Daddy Weave endorses Golden Rule Politics!!!!


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