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Friday, August 24, 2007

God's Warriors and Jimmy Carter's Aphorism

It's impossible for a Fundamentalist to admit that He is ever wrong because he'd be admitting that God is wrong....



Blogger foxofbama said...

You need to look up Rebecca K in Music out there at
Baylor and tell her her Bama friends--she led the choir at their wedding--are becoming fans of Jimmy Carter going to his SS Class and visiting the home of Warren
Tell Becky Rebecca it is time to show the flag back home before they lose all site of our Histeria and Heritage.
Thanks for making comments on my blog. It sends a shot over UP's bow, bough you know the ship deal

2:18 PM

Anonymous Chuck said...

A ridiculous, divisive statement by the former President.

Unless, of course, he was referring to Islamic fundamentalists. But that would have been Wednesday night, right?

1:12 PM


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