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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Brent Walker Joins Newsweek's On Faith Panel

A little breaking news from the press room of the BJC.....
Brent Walker, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee, has been named a panelist for a joint project of The Washington Post and Newsweek magazine.

On Faith is an online conversation on religion and its implications led by Newsweek's managing editor, Jon Meacham, and author and journalist, Sally Quinn.

Meacham and Quinn said the site provides a forum for "sane and spirited talk, drawing on a remarkable panel of distinguished figures from the academy, the faith traditions, and journalism."

Walker joined the conversation today on the sixth anniversary of 9/11, in response to a question concerning religious extremists.

"Our goal should be the greatest amount of religious freedom and zero tolerance for violence in the name of religion," Walker said.

We in the Baptist Blogosphere are excited to have Brent represent all freedom-loving Baptists over at On Faith. Brent joins an impressive array of panelists such as Randall Balmer, James A. Forbes Jr., Welton Gaddy, Martin Marty, Gardner Taylor, Jim Wallis, Desmond Tutu, Rick Warren, and N.T. Wright.

So, check out Brent's inaugural post at On Faith. Also note the comments from Walter Shurden and Michael Westmoreland-White. Afterwards, check out the September issue of Report From The Capital, a publication of the Baptist Joint Committee. Brent has an excellent article entitled In Huckabee endorsement, {Wiley} Drake commits legal, political and theological wrongs.

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