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Monday, September 10, 2007

An Hour w/ Martin Luther King Jr.'s Niece

I'm a fan of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As a Georgian, I grew up reading about the King family drama.

Talk about drama!

Well, one of the most interesting members of the King family is Dr. Alveda King. Alveda is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Her father is the brother of Martin Luther King Jr., the late Albert Daniel Williams King (aka A.D. King). Alveda is the founder of King for America which assists "people in enriching their lives spiritually, personally, mentally and economically." According to her bio, Alveda is an author, actress, song writer and formerly served in the Georgia State House of Representatives.

Earlier today, I listened while Alveda addressed a small group of mostly students from Baylor's pro-life student organization - Bears For Life. Alveda King is most known for her pro-life activism. She had two abortions and considered having a third Somewhere along the way Alveda became a born-again Christian and got involved in the pro-life movement.

I had hoped to hear Alveda tell at least a few stories about her family and uncle. No such luck. Instead, I listened and watched while King showed a PowerPoint presentation entitled: Pro-Life is a Civil Right.

However, I did learn a little somethin during my lunch hour.

#1 - Planned Parenthood is the boogeyman. Blame it all on Planned Parenthood. Without Planned Parenthood, abortion would disappear. One member of the audience suggested that Planned Parenthood embraces a belief in eugenics. From where I was sitting, Alveda seemed to affirm this gentleman's assertion that Planned Parenthood is part of some "black genocide" conspiracy....

#2 - Guys and Girls should never be alone in a room together.

That's about all I learned.

However, I do find this piece of civil rights history quite interesting. Today, Alveda stated that her father (A.D. King) was assassinated just like her uncle, Dr. King. According to her website, A.D. King was "slain." Wikipedia disputes that A.D. King was murdered. Instead, several other sources state that A.D. King drowned in a pool accident. Any of my knowledgeable readers care to chime in?

On a side note, Alveda has endorsed Sam Brownback for President!

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Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

A.D. Williams King, who chafed in the shadow of his brother, was not slain. For once, Wikipedia gets it right. During much of the Civil Rights years, he was a prominent pastor here in Louisville, KY. He helped mightily in the struggle for open housing--and he was threatened. But I don't understand how his daughter thinks he was "slain" unless she has a conspiracy theory.

While I respect Alveda King's pro-life views, she sounds in some ways as kooky as Rev. Bernice King, Martin's youngest daughter, who has become a religious gay-basher extraordinare! The Planned Parenthood black genocide line is a standard pro-life conspiracy theory used to sell the view to African-Americans. I

2:39 AM

Blogger foxofbama said...

Send me an email at oh2props@hotmail.com and I will get you started on Hugo.
For sure have Hankins hook you up with Wayne Flynt, cause what he don't know he can tell you who does. And I will hook you up with Hugo's Grandson.
Of course you have already read STeven Suitts bio of Hugo; and one of Hugo's sons wrote what was pretty much an autobiography.
We'll chat.

Oh, be sure and google up the Building Liberty feature in current issue of American Interest Mag, and check the NDame feature oped yesterday on religion and politics at religion.usatoday.org


Get the word around Baylor to check my blog and postings at faithinpublic life. I think it is about to go somewhere with Isaiah and Heyrman

11:41 AM

Blogger ElhananWinchester in Pinstripes said...

Alveda King's prolife views are a cornerstone of religious fundamentalism. The motivations of Protestants who are prolife are, well, curious.

I encourage moderate and liberal Baptists to become familiar with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, headed by a Baptist minister. Their clergy initiative is a fine endeavor.

I think Alveda may be right--without Planned Parenthood, there would be fewer abortions--that is, fewer safe and legal abortions. I don't think that kind of misogynistic world is one that Jesus would want.

4:54 AM


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