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Friday, July 06, 2007

BWA Speaker Advocates Reparations

Robert Parham of the Baptist Center for Ethics has written an interesting article about a Jamaican Baptist pastor who is advocating reparations for descendants of African slaves.

Parham writes...
A Jamaican Baptist pastor forced the controversial question of compensation to modern-day African descendants for the imprisonment and forced labor of their ancestors at the annual gathering of the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Ghana.

Speaking only a hundred yards from the Atlantic coast where millions of West Africans were boarded onto slave ships for the seven-week journey to the Americas, Cawley Bolt asked whether descendants of slaves "have a right to be compensated."

"I'm not begging for anything, but demanding what is ours," the pastor of Ebony Vale Baptist Church in Spanish Town, Jamaica, answered.

The gray-haired Bolt said, "One way to compensate is to put money into educational institutions."
You can read the rest here.



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