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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live From The CBF....

Enjoyed a nice (but pricey) breakfast this morning with Bill Leonard and BDW Sr. at the Renaissance Hotel. Always great to share a meal with the esteemed Historian. I even got some great advice/tips from Leonard (and Dr. Shurden just a bit ago) for my thesis on James Dunn that I'm working on.

It's hot and the walk back and forth from Hyatt to Convention Center ain't making it any cooler....

Not too much to say - other than the changes Dr. Rob Nash is instituting concerning the way CBF does Global Missions is pretty radical. His move from the old missionary model to the proposed missional church paradigm looks exciting but won't be without a handful or two of critics.

I've met one blogger thus far - Dr. Michael Ruffin - pastor of The Hill Baptist Church in Augusta (formerly a Religion Prof at Belmont). I hear Bruce Prescott live blogged the Ethics Conference yesterday with Campolo, Wallis, Boyd, and Rogers - although we haven't bumped into one another yet.

Lauran Bethell just received the Whitsitt Courage Award. Her ministry to prostitutes and pimps is truly remarkable. I'll have more to say about Bethell and the Global Sex Trade later on.

Tonight, the President of the Baptist World Alliance - David Coffey - addresses the General Assembly of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. My cousin works for the BWA here in DC so I'm interested to hear what Coffey has to say.

More later...



Blogger Mark Osler said...

Your thesis is on Dunn? Like a lot of other people, he was a real influence on me

5:19 AM


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