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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Black Baptist Group Takes Up HIV/AIDS for 1st Time

According to the Christian Post....
The nation's largest African American religious organization this year has for the first time placed HIV/AIDS on its conference agenda.

More than 45,000 delegates of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc., have convened in St. Louis this week for their 102nd Annual Congress of Christian Education. And among the highlights of the June 18-22 event is the first Annual HIV/AIDS Conference.

Read more here.

The Nashville-based National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., founded in 1886, claims an estimated membership of 7.5 million.

A big crowd in St. Louis! Not even the largest Protestant denomination can command even 1/4 of that number!

Down here in Waco, folks might say that the *LIGHT* has gone out. Or perhaps some faithful members of the largest Protestant denomination have reached the conclusion that we do indeed live in a post-denominational world. Big Bureaucracies are of yesteryear...

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Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

This may be the first time that the NBC,USA,INC has taken up HIV/AIDS, but it is not the first time "Black Baptists" have done so. HIV/AIDS has been on the agenda of the Progressive National Baptist Convention for 20 years and of many state conventions in various National Baptist groups. The Lott Carey Baptists have also long addressed HIV/AIDS.
To reduce "Black Baptists" to members of their largest convention is as big an error as the reduction of "Baptists" to Southern Baptists. I keep trying to get white Baptists from the South to think beyond the SBC and the post-SBC world of the CBF--and older than 1845, too.

7:49 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

The article's first line clarifies what group but I just copied the byline to make it fit on one line for lack of a better (short) title.

That title works better now.

8:07 PM


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