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Thursday, June 28, 2007

BWA President Addresses CBF

Live from the Hotel.

Great General Session tonight.

After the missionaries were commissioned and songs were sung, President David Coffey of the Baptist World Alliance addressed the General Assembly. Coffey was introduced as THE Global Baptist leader who pushed and pushed for the CBF's membership into the Baptist World Alliance. Indeed an excellent preacher, Coffey challenged Fellowship Baptists to have an anointed ministry like Jesus' in Luke 4. He said that we should know the World like Jesus knew Nazareth. We should know the Bible like Jesus knew the Scriptures. Coffey pointed out that Jesus' reading of Isaiah 61 focused on mercy rather than vengeance. An anointed ministry would produce transformation and be prophetic.

Affirming the need to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, Coffey was not afraid to to speak a positive word about the Charismatic Movement. In fact he adamantly stated that...

Baptists should not be afraid of charismatic practices!
Also during this portion of the sermon, Coffey declared that...
Some people are more concerned with loyalty to following their denominational guru than to the Kingdom of God.
Good words indeed.

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Blogger foxofbama said...

BDiddy: Looking for a thorough report on Balmer's address today at noon.
Countin on you to put something up


2:12 PM

Blogger David said...

Thank you for the postings on the CBF meeting. They are appreciated.

8:18 AM


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