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Sunday, July 01, 2007

CBF General Assembly Coverage Round-Up

Below is my attempt at putting together a comprehensive list of links to CBF-related news stories. I will continue to update this list. Drop a comment if I missed something.

National News
America's Other Baptists (Washington Post)
Baptists To Read From Dallas Pastor's Famed Speech (Dallas Morning News)
Wrap-Up on Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Meeting (Dallas Morning News - Sam Hodges)

Baptist News
Hinson Emphasizes Need For Spritual Reformation (Biblical Recorder)
CBF Leaders Endorse New Baptist Covenant (ABP)
Women in Ministry report highlights progress, obstacles simultaneously (ABP)
Tar Heels Stand Out At CBF Meeting (Biblical Recorder)
Truett's Famed Religious Liberty Sermon Recreated At D.C. Event (ABP)
Baptist sex-traffic mission worker urges others to ‘show up’ for ministry (ABP)
CBF panelists urge Baptists to see ‘humanity’ of AIDS crisis (ABP)
Study Suggests CBF Churches Open To Women Pastors (EthicsDaily.com)
Evangelism About More Than Just Souls, CBF Moderator Says
CBF Commissions 18 Missionaries (Biblical Recorder)
CBF moderator McCall says God’s covenant gives Christians responsibility (ABP)
CBF Panelists Urge Baptists to see "Humanity" of AIDS Crisis (ABP)
Pundits Urge Pastors To Be Political, Not Partisan, in the Pulpit (ABP)

CBF Communications
Complete General Assembly Coverage
-includes audio, pictures, and over 20 articles.

SBC Related Publications
CBF Inflates Numbers of 'Represented' Churches at General Assembly (The Church Report)
CBF Workshops Explore Variety Of Topics (Baptist Press)
CBF lists churches 'represented' at assembly; declines to name partner churches (Baptist Press)

And Now - Live from CBF (Melissa Rogers)
Podcast - Speeches from Baptist Unity Rally (Bruce Prescott)
Baptist Unity Rally - Memorable Quote (Bruce Prescott)
The Urge To Merge (Baptists Like Me)
Remembering Truett - Baptist Unity Rally For Religious Liberty (Don Byrd - BJC)
Pro-Separation Baptists Celebrate Religious Liberty (The Wall - Americans United)
Christian Ethics and Immigration Policy (Albert Reyes - Buckner)
Randall Balmer Calls On Baptists (Don Byrd - BJC)
What is Wrong With Baptist Press? (Brian Kaylor)
A Great Time Talking Faith And Politics (Greg Boyd)



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