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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Independent Fundamental Baptist Blogosphere

I recently stumbled upon the blog of a self-described "fundamental conservative Christian Republican of African-American ancestry." He may or may not be a member of this organization - no confirmation or denial as of yet. I kid.

Kevin the Independent Fundamental Baptist caught my attention with a post entitled "A Coalition of Liberal Baptists" in which he took a few potshots at moderate Baptists, Jimmy Carter and the upcoming Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant.

We've all heard the criticisms - nothing new there.

But Kevin's strong dislike for President Carter did not catch my eye. This statement did:
Oh and BTW, Baptists are NOT Protestant. They existed long before Martin Luther split the Catholic Church. I really get irked when people call Baptists Protestant or lump them together with protestants.
Well, apparently Kevin does get irked - rather easily I might add.

In a follow-up post addressed to yours truly, Kevin shows off that fine fundamentalist learning that he's aquired along the way. He writes...
  1. Baptists are Ancient, and our Ancestry can be traced through the vital principles established and set forth by our Lord Jesus Christ and His disciples in the New Testament Churches

  2. Baptists are not "Protestants," as our testimony extends much further in History than that of Martin Luther or John Calvin.

  3. Baptists are not "Reformed" in Theology or practice, for our view of the church could never allow the marriage of church and state.

  4. Baptists are not "Calvinists," for the doctrines of grace were believed and preached long before John Calvin Preached in Geneva.

  5. Baptists are not "Arminian" in theology, for our forefathers preached the Gospel with fervor long before the time of Jacob Arminius, and believed they were enabled by God to Persevere.

  6. Immersion was in common use among Baptists before 1641. We reject the 1641 theory of William Whitsitt and oppose the Conclusion of Henry Veddar About Baptism. We View as Suspect the modern histories of Robert Baker, Leon McBeth, Walter Shurden, Robert G. Torbet, and James Edward McGoldrick as they submit to the thoroughly disproved theory of William Whitsitt.

  7. Baptists heritage is far older than "Fundamentalism," or the era of the city-wide revival campaigns, or the time of the old Evangelical Alliance.

  8. Because Baptists have suffered at the hands of Papists and Pedobaptistic Protestants alike, we ought to venerate and remember our historic testimony far above the testimony of our persecuting enemies. That is, we ought to revere the testimony of the Paulicians, Peter de Bruys, Henry of Clugny, Balthasar Hubmaier, Henry D'anvers, John Clarke, Obadiah Holmes, Valentine Wightman, Isaac Backus, Shubal Stearns, Samuel Harris, John Leland, John Taylor, Isaac McCoy, et. al. These names should be more commonly known among Baptists than those of D. L. Moody, Ira Sankey, R. A. Torrey, Sam Jones, Gipsy Smith, John Wilbur Chapman or Billy Sunday.

  9. Infant Baptism is the badge of the antichrist, and flirtation with that badge is akin to treason against God's word.

  10. Ignorance of Baptist heritage, which is so infectious in our pulpits and pews today, is dangerous and must be overcome with a renewed teaching of our Baptist heritage and heroes of past generations.
#6 and #9 were my favorites. Apparently the anti-Christ will be a Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, or a Catholic.

I bet Kevin's money is on Catholic. Just a hunch.

Kevin and I do agree on one point. Many in the pews are ignorant of their Baptist heritage. But unlike Kevin - my Baptist heroes only date back 400 years or so. We definitely need a renewed interest in Baptist history....



Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Ah, Landmarkist "trail of blood" revisited. Talk about discredited historiography!

I wonder if he realizes that the Paulicians were anti-Trinitarian? Would he still claim them as Baptist forebears?

5:25 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

Please, please, PLEASE do a series on each of the people in #9! :)

12:41 AM

Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

T.i.A., do you mean #8? That would be a good idea--for the ones that are actually Baptist! We do have roots before our 1609-1611 origins (or, if one is a Calvinistic Baptist, 1638-1644). We have some Puritan-Separatist and some Anabaptist forebears--but both groups were Protestant!

2:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


With Senior Weave's help, a project entitled "What does it mean to be Baptist TODAY?!" is coming down the pike. Lots of travelling and interviewing the prime players of Baptist Catholicity, Mainstream Baptists, CBF, New Covenant.

Aim of the project is NOT to argue over single thread or dual thread source of origin, but to try to articulate the core of what a Baptist does/beleives TODAY that makes her/him Bapist.

Should be fun. Maybe throughout the year as the interviews and dialogues start up, some of it could find its way into your blog.

My personal interest in this project is to protect the best meanins of "priesthood" and "soul competency" from those who would trash them as aberrant outgrowths of Enlightenment thought, and to offer a reasoned but forthright "Nein!" to the Baptist Catholicity movement.

It won't garner much press. By design I intend to keep it pretty much under the radar screen, but it should be fun

As more and more Baptist churches are taking "Baptist" out of their name; as emergent churches are baptizing, but not necessarily claiming connection to either Hubmeir or Smythe, and as most agree we are already moving into post-denominationalism--throw on top of all of that post-modernism, and we've got a very confusing time for the word "Baptist."

I'm neither technologically nor disciplined enough to start and maintian my own blog, so perhaps we can talk about yours being a vehicle of my reporting every now and then concerning how the eonversations go.

Barely a prof

6:42 PM

Blogger Kevin Bussey said...


Make sure everyone knows I'm not the Kevin you speak of!

6:51 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...


I will be your ride.

When ready - let me know more.

As I get deeper into this Dunn research for my thesis, I will have much much more to post about soul freedom as well...

8:09 PM

Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Aaron, since I don't have your email, I will usurp this space to give you a link to (part of) my testimony. Ben Myers, the Australian Anglican who runs the blog, Faith and Theology (http://faith-theology.blogspot.com/ ) has been running a series of guest posts called "Encounters with Tradition," written by people who have left one faith tradition for another. I am the fifth contributor.


3:13 AM

Anonymous Raani said...

calling ifbs in the dfw area, visit fwbt.org

11:53 AM


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