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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bloggin' At The New Baptist Covenant Celebration

Baptists Today Editor John Pierce has the story in the latest issue of the Baptist Studies Bulletin.

Here's a snippet:

Southern Baptists and some other kinds, with political disagreements with Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, have dismissed the program as having a secular political agenda. The involvement of prominent Republicans on the program has not ceased all accusations of

However, many of us are looking beyond the politic persuasion of individual speakers and seeing a rich, unprecedented, interracial opportunity for worship, fellowship and cooperative ministry that crosses geographical and convention lines. Baptists Today looks forward to being present and to providing timely reports. We have a team of four bloggers lined up to give continually updated information at www.baptiststoday.org.

Online editor Bruce Gourley and guest blogger Aaron “Big Daddy” Weaver will do live blogging as events unfurl. Think of them as doing “play-by-play” reporting of the action.
Contributing editor Tony Cartledge and I will do the “color commentary,” seeking to give interpretation and analysis of the various addresses.

Additionally, we will post or link to the varied news stories coming out of the meeting. So we invite you to keep up with the historical gathering of Baptists Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 at www.baptiststoday.org. We’ll be there whether you can make it or not.

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