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Monday, December 17, 2007

Rob Nash and the CBF Enter Blogosphere

A couple of new blogs worth checking out....

Dr. Rob Nash, Coordinator of Global Missions for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, has entered the blogosphere. His blog is called Musings on the Journey.

See my past post on Nash for more background info.

The CBF has just started an online community over at http://cbfportal.wordpress.com

Their purpose is:

We’ve started this blog for those who are interested in CBF and the ministries associated with it. We hope it will do three things.

1. Allow you to find out about all the work that Fellowship people are doing.

2. Allow you to network with and find other Fellowship people.

3. Allow you to find ministries to which God may be calling you.

Here are some ways you can participate in this online community.

So, check both blogs out and don't forget to subscribe to their RSS feed.

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Blogger Rob Nash said...

Thanks for the plug and for a newsy, noteworthy blog!

Rob Nash

8:29 AM


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