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Monday, November 12, 2007

David Gushee, Race, and The New Baptist Covenant

David Gushee, a well-known ethics professor at Mercer's McAfee School of Theology, has an article over at Christianity Today about his involvement in planning the Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant, racial reconciliation, and his experiences at McAfee.

Check it out.

UPDATE (Link fixed)



Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Now if only that kind of racial reconciliation and diversity was shown in the faculty and staff at McAfee--and not just in the student body.

9:33 AM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

At Baptist seminaries that strive to hire Baptists (McAfee) or are required to hire Baptists only (Baylor), racial diversity is pretty dang hard to achieve.

It's not like there is an abundance of African-American Baptist candidates that even apply for such positions.

10:27 AM

Blogger Alexis said...

maybe that is something that can come out of the Celebration, too...

1:33 PM

Anonymous Chuck said...

I can understand your racial diversity objective, but why and what does racial reconciliation among today's Baptists have to do with anything?

I'm at peace with brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of their race. I don't know any sincere Baptist who's not.

Is this a case of hand-wringing still over slavery and other stuff decades, if not centuries, old?

Diversity, fine, but I don't get the racial reconciliation line.

10:21 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...


Many Baptist churches first opened their doors to African-Americans just 40 years ago.

I know of many Baptist congregations where their African-American neighbors are not wanted nor welcomed.

Slavery did indeed end 150 years ago. But did you forget about Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement?

1:37 PM

Anonymous Chuck said...


So, will those churches who still don't welcome all colors decide to rally around a theme of racial reconciliation at the Celebration?

Probably not. So you and others are supposed to apologize for something you're not involved in?

I think it's pulling the religious race card, and it may even be politics disguised.

4:48 AM

Blogger foxofbama said...


I just crossblogged on you with a challenge to Gushee
See if you can't bring it to his attention; Hankins as well and the bl.com board

7:01 PM


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