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Monday, November 05, 2007

Barack Obama - "Let's Go Change The World"

Barack Obama can speak. Anyone who heard his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention can attest to that fact.

Jennifer Hunter of the Chicago Sun-Times described Obama's speech last week in Manning, South Carolina as "the most inspiring, the most elegant speech I have ever heard Barack Obama give. And he never mentioned Hillary Clinton."

Watch the entire speech above. The 13 minute mark is exceptional.

Here's a snippet from Obama's prepared remarks:
So today, sixty years after James Hinton issued his challenge, I want to issue a challenge of my own. If you're tired of the politics of fear and division; if you're tired of a government that stands idly by while our schools go underfunded, our children go unemployed, and our communities are neglected; if you feel as I do that if we don't fight for that next generation of children, who will? - then I'm asking you to join me. And if you can do that - if you can overcome your doubts, cast away your fears, and believe once again that real change is possible in this country - then I truly believe we can bring about the world that Harry and Eliza Briggs dreamed of for their children.
America desperately needs a Barack Obama presidency.



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Big Daddy,

I think I hear those crickets again, so I thought I'd say "Hi" to break the awkward silence of this post's response.

How 'bout them 'Dogs?

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