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Monday, October 29, 2007

Joy Fenner Elected President of BGCT

Joy Fenner was just elected President of BGCT making her the first female in Texas Baptist history to hold this position.

The total vote was:

Joy Fenner: 900 votes
David Lowrie: 840 votes

The Baptist Standard story is here.

Read here for background.

Disgruntled dissenter David Montoya is not unexpectedl disturbed at today's historic outcome. Over at his blog Spiritual Samurai, Montoya writes:

The shadow convention is alive and well in the BGCT. It is a good day because Joy is a wonderful person, it is bad because Texas Baptists will continue to get more of the same.

Charles Wade has won the day. Rejoice Otto. Rejoice Jon Becker. I will spend the rest of the convention in mourning.David Lowrie: 840 (48.5%)
Joy's election is good because she is wonderful but the outcome is bad because the "status quo" has prevailed? Montoya is making little sense these days. A majority of messengers to annual meeting of the Baptist General Convention of Texas cast their ballots for Joy Fenner and he whines about a "shadow convention." Blame your fellow messengers sitting among you, David.

Straw men are cheap and dishonest.

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Anonymous James said...

Well, the people in power win again. . . what a shock. Will they continue to mismanage missions money? Only time will tell. But they could not do any worse than they have done in the past.

1:03 PM

Anonymous James said...

The good news is they only won by 60 votes. There is hope for next year.

1:03 PM

Blogger peter lumpkins said...


Oh my! And beaten out by a girl. Of all the ...

With that, I am...


2:33 PM

Blogger Dr. Glenn Jonas said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:46 PM

Anonymous Chuck said...

Big Daddy,

The real story of the BGCT vote, to me, is how few messengers showed up for the first contested race in years.

Do I hear crickets in the live audio from Amarillo?

By the way, who did you have to delete? Or does "by the author" refer to the commenter himself?

7:43 PM

Blogger Bennett Willis said...

I add up 51.9% and 48.5% and get 100.4%. It really should add up a little closer to 100.

7:50 AM

Anonymous David Lowrie said...

Big Daddy Weave,

It was quite of ride. As Peter commented, "oh my! and beaten by a girl"...I tend to look at it like this. The BGCT chose a wonderful Christian woman and leader to guide us this year.

As I said publicly I am going to do all I can help Joy succeed, because her mission is my mission: the mission of building the KINGDOM not little kingdoms. She will need all of our help. There may be troubled waters ahead, but if we pull together we can do more together as the slogan says.

Concerning the close vote, I choose to see this as our convention coming together at the table not division.

I totally agree with the observation that the most telling number of the event was not the close election, but the lack of participation. Apathy and indifference may be our greatest threats ahead.

We must get more people to the table and I would encourage our younger generation to step up and speak out. There may be no better time to get involved than now, because we must begin to search for new ways for us to reach Texas and the world together.

Thank you for the part you play in challenging us to think, and to be engaged in the process.

David Lowrie

9:01 AM

Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

The BGCT has now caught up with most of the world--nearly 100 years after Helen Barrett Montgomery, another missions leader and the first woman to publish a translation of the NT into English in her own name, was elected president of the Northern Baptist Convention in 1911. (The NBC is now the American Baptist Churches, USA.) Montgomery thereby became not only the first woman to head a Baptist convention, but the first woman to lead ANY denomination in the U.S. At the time, the WMU in the SBC could not even deliver its annual report to the SBC in person--a man had to read it for the women!
Texas Baptists are emerging from the dark ages. I think I hear a fish singing.

12:52 PM


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