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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Macho Man" Mark Driscoll as Pastor Provocateur

Emerging Church leader Mark "The Cussing Pastor" Driscoll has been getting a good deal of play from the media lately. Recently, Christianity Today profiled Mark Driscoll in an article appropriately entitled Pastor Provocateur.

Here's a quote:
Driscoll "comes off as a smart-aleck former frat boy," according to The Seattle Times. Guilty as charged. If he hasn't offended you, you've never read his books or listened to his sermons. On any given Sunday at Mars Hill, it's possible that a visiting fire marshal will get saved. But it's just as likely that a guest will flip him off before walking out.
And just last week the Mars Hill pastor spoke at the "Convergent Conference" held at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Emergent Village has provided an excellent roundup of the conference. The infamous Roger Moran has even offered a few thoughts on Driscoll and the Emerging Church Movement. On the Baptist seminary's campus, Driscoll had this to say (as reported by Baptist Press):
Driscoll also noted the position of Rob Bell, a pastor that he does not know personally but whose writings, including "Velvet Elvis," he has read. Noting that Bell has called into question the virgin birth, Driscoll said, "The question that begs to be answered is, 'Do we lose anything if we lose the virgin birth of Jesus Christ?' ...

"To the Lord Jesus, [such doubt] is insulting," Driscoll said. "First of all, Mary said that she was a virgin. If she was really a lying whore, that does change the story. Because if the lying whore raises a young boy who says He is God, why believe the extravagant claims of the child of a lying whore? Following the resurrection, Jesus' mother Mary was with the disciples worshipping Him as God as part of the early church. Why would we believe the testimony of the resurrection of Jesus from a lying whore?
I have never downloaded a Driscoll sermon. I only know Mark Driscoll through Donald Miller's Blue Like Jazz where he is described as Mark "The Cussing Pastor." So, I decided to check out Pastor Provocateur.

Driscoll doesn't disappoint. He's offensive In the following clips you'll find a short clip on "The Chick-i-Fied Church" and a 8 minute bigoted rant.



Blogger D.R. said...

I read this thinking you were going to offer an opinion about Driscoll. Instead you just said he doesn't disappoint. I will hold off what I think about him (though you could probably guess), but I would like to know after listening to these two sermons what do you think of him?

3:01 PM

Blogger Jennifer said...

wow. The rhetorical linking of Christianity and masculinity has always interested me; I need to pay more attention to Driscoll. Fascinating.

10:47 AM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

Driscoll is interesting, definitely entertaining but also quite offensive in the first video on "chick-i-fied men"

His style especially in the second video is entirely unattractive. Who wants to hear their pastor go into an obnoxious 10-minute rant on a Sunday morning?

I respect a pastor who doesn't hold back and says what's on his or her mind. But Driscoll is a loose canon, a time-bomb waiting to explode. I suspect that Driscoll will make more than a few headlines in the years to come with his rather strong opinions...

12:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think he's imagining things. Where are all the effeminate pastors? A lot of men are too physically and intellectually lazy to attend church or they are legitamately tired and put leisure above worship. If they don't want to participate, then let them, I say.

8:28 AM

Anonymous Luis said...

I think Mark Driscoll is inspired by the holy spirit. The fact that he criticize Rob Bell's position abt the Virginity of Mary and firmly stands for the bible doesnt make Mark a "time bomb" or a "loose cannon" as someone here stated.

The problem is that Mark speaks the truth abt the gospel and many people feel bothered by his "ways", because people are MORE interested in "FORMS" rather than the SUBSTANCE, the CONTENT of the gospel.

After watching these videos, I can tell that Mark Driscoll is biblical and speaks the truth...not the way your usual pastor, priest will talk abt Jesus (very soft/sweet/nice etc etc) but as MAN.

Is not an issue of "masculinity" but to be a MAN of God, just like David and the rest of the Men of God...(firm, with character,standing for Jesus, never giving up the truth,) in this world full of sin(which takes a lot of masculinity)

9:27 AM

Blogger John said...

Seems to me very worthy things to be hopping mad about. I think more of us need to be angry about this sort of thing.

5:06 PM


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