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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

People Of Faith For Barack

Barack Obama's campaign has launched a new website for its religious supporters. The Obama campaign created the page in response to the large numbers of "people of faith" who had been visiting his MySpace page. Obama's new website includes a blog and testimonials from religious folks who support him. A few testimonials below:

Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor and Senior Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, IL writes...
I’m concerned with healthcare; the war in Iraq; the high rates of recidivism in our criminal justice system; the poor condition of the Illinois public school system. Many of the resources that go to support programs such as for those living with HIV/AIDS are now being spent to fund the war. We have to communicate…I support Barack because of his incarnated faith – his faith made alive in the flesh. He reaches across all faith communities and even to those who have no faith at all. He is building a community where everyone has worth. That kind of faith is not easy to find in 2007 and a man like Barack is a rarity.
Rev. Dr. T. Dewitt Smith, Jr. - President, Progressive National Baptist Covention writes...
Important issues to me include the rebuilding of New Orleans; the prison-industrial complex; preserving the middle class; universal health care. As people of faith, we must follow the prophet Micah’s directive to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God. I support Barack because he has an inter-generational appeal and I trust he will be true to his word. He is quite open about his strong ethics and values and the moral relationships we have with each other. He’s a man I can support.
The Rev. Chuck Currie, a popular blogger, recently declared his support for Obama. He writes..

Christians, Jews, Muslims – all people of faith in America – share in a deep and abiding love for this nation. But many of us, as William Sloane Coffin would have said, have a “lover’s quarrel” with America. We know things can be better. We know all Americans need health care. We know that no one should be homeless in the world’s richest nation. We know that global warming threatens God’s own earth and that as the stewards of creation we are called forth to protect this planet. We are also called to be peacemakers in times of conflict.

Barack Obama shares these values and when elected president will embody them as he makes decisions in the Oval Office. When that day comes we will be a better nation.

Unlike Chuck, I'm not ready to jump on the Obama bandwagon just yet. It's too early. However, I am indeed impressed by the junior Senator from Illinois. He's real and genuine. But so is John Edwards - who had my vote in '04. No rush to decide but either way, my car will eventually be sporting either an Obama or Edwards bumper sticker...

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