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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Frank Page Takes The Gloves Off

Brian Kaylor addresses Frank Page's lash out at the New Baptist Covenant. First, read what Page wrote:
I will not be a part of any smokescreen leftwing liberal agenda that seeks to deny the greatest need in our world, that being that the lost be shown the way to eternal life through Jesus Christ, our Lord.
I'm glad Brian took the time to respond.

Admittedly, Frank Page hasn't made many inflammatory remarks in the past year.

But irenic my butt. His latest BP op-ed sounds like the old Frank Page. The fightin' fundy Frank that I heard speak to a sleepy group of mediocre college students about 7 years ago. The guy that gave the Calvinists a 70-page whoopin in The Trouble With The Tulip (which by the way, I sold my signed copy for $35!). That Frank Page.

Well Frank, thanks for playing nice....for a while.

Read Wade Burleson: Is It a Rebuke or a Response?

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Blogger Dr. Bruce Prescott said...

Big Daddy,

I need to talk with you via phone. Will you give me a call at 405-329-2266?


Bruce Prescott

9:50 AM

Blogger peter lumpkins said...


Now, now. Calm down...

Curiously, Dr. Page morphs from the darling of SB dissenters to now the whipping boy. Perhaps he objectively sees something from the outside that you do not being on the inside. I don't know, BDW. It's just a notion I had.

Grace. With that, I am...


5:37 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

Actually, Peter - last summer before the SBC - I gave my whoopin to Frank.

When I heard him speak years ago, he was far from being an irenic conservative.

Others (perhaps a few at BL.com) have given Page the benefit of the doubt (as if he's a reformer) - but I never have. I called him a fundy from day 1.

Pardon the extreme sarcasm in this link: Trouble With The Tulip

6:50 PM

Blogger Christa Brown said...

"Irenic my butt"....very well and truthfully said, Big Daddy.

But I can't believe you would have ever relegated the Hardy Boys to life in a hellhot-attic side-by-side with The Tulip book. They deserved better. ;~)

1:45 PM


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