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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Giuliani's Planned Parenthood Donations

Politico has reported that in the 90's, GOP Presidential hopeful (and one-time? drag queen) Rudy Giuliani contributed money at least six times to Planned Parenthood.

Last week, when asked during the GOP Debate whether it would be a good day for the country if Roe v. Wade were overturned, Rudy responded - "It'd be OK."

Talk about a wimpy answer!

From the article...

Asked how Giuliani could reconcile personal opposition to abortion with a contribution to Planned Parenthood, a Giuliani spokeswoman reiterated the former mayor's stump message and took what could be construed as a shot against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who has recently become an opponent of abortion rights.

"Mayor Giuliani has been consistent in his position -- he is personally opposed to abortion, but at the same time he understands it is a personal and emotional decision that should ultimately be left up to the woman," said Maria Comella.

Dave Woodward, a political science prof at Clemson University had this to say...
"If he actually gave money to Planned Parenthood, boy, that puts him in a very precarious position, at least in the South Carolina Republican Party."

A Republican, Woodard noted that a personal contribution is something that is difficult to explain away to abortion opponents. "This isn't something like where your position is misunderstood," he said. "An overt act of giving money shows support for a position. That can't be a mistake or misinterpretation."

And more from Politico...
Following a speech Giuliani gave to the Heritage Foundation in Washington last night, I asked him why he would give money to the abortion rights organization.

"I'll have to look at that," he said before launching into his message about personally opposing the procedure but supporting a woman's right to choose.

When I followed up about why, if he was personally opposed to abortion, he would give his own money to an abortion rights group, he held firm.

"All's I can tell you are what my views are," he responded before again explaining again a stance of personal opposition but public support for legalized abortion.

Emory Professor Merle Black (my favorite Southern Politics author) stated in the article that Rudy needs to change the subject. Point taken. Any success at changing the subject may be short-lived. I hardly doubt McCain, Brownback, and others will hold back and ignore Rudy's abortion record.

Chris Matthews and other folks in the media don't seem to fully grasp the role that conservative evangelicals play and have played in choosing the GOP nominee. Abortion is THE wedge issue. I don't see Rudy overcoming that hurdle.

Can Rudy win the nomination without significant support from conservative evangelicals? If Rudy prevails next January-March, will the so-called "values voters" suck it up and cast their ballots for a TRULY pro-choice Republican? Vote Third Party? Or just stay at home?

I don't know. But my choice for the Republican nomination is John McCain. The guy likes the Beach Boys and Boxing. Enjoyed separately, who can go wrong with a little Brian Wilson and HBO PPV? Now, only if I knew whether he was rooting for Pretty Boy Floyd or not. Hope so.

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Anonymous MK in CO said...

As a former Southern Baptist who barely escaped with her sanity and some measure of faith intact, I'm not sure why I've started visiting this blog on a fairly regular basis now. Lurking is more appropriate, but I am compelled to point out that Planned Parenthood provides affordable gynecological health care for many women (annual cervical exams, etc.). I could never support any candidate that supports state control over a woman's body, but for those of you concerned that Mr. Giuliani doesn't quite fit into the conservative mold quite enough per abortion and other social issues--I'd just wait and see. I suspect, that like Mitt Romney, 'ole Rudy will dissemble, equivocate and backpedal right to the top of the polls.

"Wimpy" barely does the whole things justice.

6:09 PM


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