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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bloggin Richard Land, Part 2

What Liberals Are Missing

That's the title of the second chapter of Richard Land's new book, The Divided States of America

And, well, it's far from being fair and balanced. Sam Harris is Land's first target. Thankfully, Land acknowledges that Harris "does not speak for all liberals." So, Land moves on to attack Jim Wallis and Jimmy Carter. For the next few pages, Land gloats about the booty (i.e. ERLC) he won as a result of the Fundamentalist Takeover. Jimmy gets deemed a hypocrite and Wallis gets kicked a time or two.

Land writes...

It's a cheap shot to criticize the Right for narrowing the litmus test to abortion and gay marriage, because narrowing and prioritizing are two different things. Can there be a more compelling issue than three thousand six hundred babies dying every day?....

Again, I would contend that supporting traditional marriage is not narrowing but prioritizing. Marriage is the basic building block of human society.

So, the Right has prioritized not narrowed? Land is going to have a hard time selling that argument. Beyond abortion and gay marriage, what other issues have been on the Right's agenda for the past two decades? If the agenda has not been narrowed as Land claims, what happened to priorities #3, #4, and beyond?

Continuing, Land places the pro-life movement as the successors to the 19th century abolitionists. He declares that conservative Evangelicals will always be tied to the Republican Party as long as the Democratic Party remains "pro-abortion."

More gloating:

Liberals have been losing their grip on the levers of power. They have been challenged concerning the moral high ground in this society, and they are fiercely on the defensive. That is why they put up such a big fight over Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination: they lost the Congress, they lost the presidency, and now they have lost their last refuge, the Supreme Court. You can resist the will of the people for a while, but eventually the will of the people will prevail. Every two years President Carter, Senator Danforth, Jim Wallis, and their followers get an opportunity to make their arguments and convince the American people they're right. I'm perfectly content to leave the decision to the will of the people in every election cycle.

I guess Land was unable to edit this passage before The Divided States of America hit the printing press. The people spoke and well a few changes were made.

More to come....



Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

The people spoke, changes were made, and then Pelosi and Reid sold the people down the river with the "compromise" war funding bill that gives Bush everything he wanted.

THIS is the new, gentler, kinder Land?

1:21 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

Well, there is more to come.

Gentler and kinder than the Land I've seen in years past. And much gentler and kinder than Dobson & Company.

Thus far (in the book), Land has yet to break ranks with Bush. Militaristic? Absolutely.

1:41 PM

Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I stand corrected. As I note on my blog, at the last minute Pelosi found her conscience and voted against that atrocious war funding--as did Obama, Clinton, & Dodd. Biden voted for it which should end his presidential bid.

When I've met Land, he always shared Falwell's ability to say outrageous and enfuriating things calmly and with a smile.

3:26 AM

Anonymous Tory said...

I'm confused about your point on abortion and gay marriage. Are you disagreeing that the number of babies dying daily is compelling and that marriage is the most fundamental aspect of culture?

5:49 AM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

The Waco Trib reports that Herbert Reynolds passed away this morning:


10:26 AM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

I'm saying that conservative leaders should focus on much much more than just abortion and gay marriage.


Thanks for the info. I heard about President Reynolds while driving back to Waco from South Padre this afternoon. Indeed a shocker. With Baugh and Reynolds passing away this year, Texas Baptists have lost two incredibly important leaders.

6:21 PM


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