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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blogs For Your Reading...

Let me point all of my readers to several exceptional posts pertaining to the upcoming Celebration of the New Baptist Covenant.

James Hassell, a young West Texas pastor writes...
Although (and I must admit this!), I’m skeptical of some politically charged personalities involved on both “red” and “blue” sides of the aisle, I sense a strong thirst among many Baptists to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8). It is, indeed, the pattern of Christ for all of us to be both salt and light in the world. In fact, I agree with Herschel Hobbs when he indicated that one of our greatest evangelistic efforts as Baptists is to “believe in a spiritual gospel which has social implications”* In other words, the proof will be in the pudding as we cooperate to the extent that our consciences dictate.
And Michael Westmoreland-White over at Levellers writes...
I am excited about the upcoming Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant in Atlanta, GA 30 January-1 2008 not only because of the number of different Baptist groups that will be represented–crossing old divisions of race, region, ethnicity, theology, and worship style. I am also excited because the agenda for the meeting is the agenda Jesus adopted in his Nazareth Manifesto (Luke 4:18-19). Imagine Baptists gathering to focus on Jesus’ agenda instead of our own narrow agendas, adopting the priorities that Christ announced in his hometown as the reason for his mission–and ours....

We Baptists are good at disagreeing with each other and dividing over our disagreements. I am excited about the possibility of uniting for once–and uniting around Jesus’ Nazareth Agenda. This gathering might not only be “genuinely Baptist,” if it isn’t careful the world might actually see it as “genuinely Christian” and glorify the One Jesus called “Abba, Father.” I wouldn’t be surprised if all heaven didn’t break loose!
Afterwards, check out Tony Cartledge's, editor of the NC Biblical Recorder, take on Frank Page's recent criticism of the New Baptist Covenant.

Cartledge chimes in...

I had hoped that Page didn't write the words attributed to him, but he recently told the Baptist Courier that it's his statement and he stands by it.

Through most of his presidency, Page's gentle demeanor toward others has been refreshing. Sadly, that is not the spirit shown in this recent critique of the New Baptist Covenant initiative. Let us hope the comments reflect a momentary lapse of weariness or frustration, and not the signs of a long-term change in spirit.

I don't necessarily recommend this - but for a laugh and a giggle (maybe) head over to the blog of Tim Rogers - blogosphere resident conspiracy theorist and a very conservative (being generous here) Southern Baptist.



Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Thanks for the shout out, Aaron. I've already had one commenter DENY that this was Jesus' agenda--but how does one get anything else from Luke 2?

I still hope that they begin to invite some other Baptists like the Alliance of Baptists. It's been months that I have said this, now, and nothing. Are we "too liberal?" Already BTSR has erased us from their official history. The Alliance FOUNDED BTSR, but their website only mentions their CBF connections. Nice.

7:16 AM


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