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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

New House Majority Leader is a Baptist

This is the face of the 2nd most powerful man in the United States House of Representatives.

His name is Steny Hoyer

He's a Democrat AND a Baptist.

Majority Leader Hoyer is a long-time member of Broadview Baptist Church in Temple Hills, Maryland. Broadview is affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists.

Note to Richard Land and Baptist Press: Broadview is not a Southern Baptist Church. At least get your facts straight....

Earlier this month, Rep. Hoyer was elected to his 14th term in Congress defeating Steve Warner by a margin of 66% (83-17).

Currently the House Minority Whip, Hoyer has represented the 5th district of the State of Maryland since 1981. Before being chosen as the Minority Whip in 2002, Hoyer served as the Deputy Majority Whip from 1987-1989, chair of the Democratic Caucus from 1989 to 1994 and as the chief candidate recruiter for House Democrats from 1995-2000. Since being elected to Congress in 1981, Hoyer has built a reputation as a defender of Federal employees and a leader on education and human and civil rights issues. Learn more about Hoyer HERE and HERE.

Note: Steny Hoyer is expected by most to soundly defeat John Murtha (see this post) in tomorrow's election for House Majority Leader.

UPDATE: Hoyer is NOW the Majority Leader. It wasn't even close (149-86).


Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Hoyer, unlike Murtha, wasn't implicated in ABSCAM. However, he bragged about trying to create a Democratic version of Delay's "K-Street Project!" He's also been really lame on the war. Is this someone we WANT folks to remember is a Baptist?

10:50 AM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

If you recall from a month or two back, I posted a list of 20 most Corrupt politicians in DC. Murtha was on that list. His responses on the ABSCAM scandal (etc.) did not resonate well with me.

Its hard to hold his votes on the Iraq War against him. How many other Dems have said "if we knew then, what we know now..."

Dems like Hoyer recognize that we need to leave Iraq but many disagree on how and when to go about doing just that. Democrats aren't remotely close to being united on an exit strategy of sorts.

While I may disagree with some of his positions, his voting record shows that he is a faithful Democrat.


2:13 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Being a faithful Democrat isn't enough reason to be a good choice for Majority leader if we are trying to set a new tone in D.C. Better than Murtha? Yes, and Pelosi's support for Murtha was stupid. But no one who wants a Dem version of the K-street project is a great choice.

On Iraq, I'm not so much holding his "authorization" vote against him (although there was plenty of evidence before the war that Bush's case was bogus--and I think "authorizations to use force" in place of formal declarations of war are unconstitutional ways to pass the buck to the Executive branch). I'm more angry that when Murtha put everything on line to speak for a pullout from Iraq, Hoyer denounced him in public--repeatedly. Hoyer echoed the "stay the course" rhetoric until it became obvious that voters were having none of it. He needs a clue, here.

11:14 AM


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