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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bill Moyers for President?

From Ralph Nader's article at Common Dreams...
Moyers brings impressive credentials beyond his knowledge of the White House-Congressional complexes. He puts people first. Possessed of a deep sense of history relating to the great economic struggles in American history between workers and large companies and industries, Moyers today is a leading spokesman on the need to deconcentrate the manifold concentrations of political and economic power by global corporations. He is especially keen on doing something about media concentration about which he knows from recurrent personal experience as a television commentator, investigator, anchor and newspaper editor.

Moyers would bring to the Democratic Party a much needed understanding of the South, its political, populist and religious history and contemporary dynamics. His Baptist, Texas background would help his Party understand how to stop writing off the South to the Republicans from the Presidential to the state and local levels and how to become engaged in this fastest growing region of the nation.

Few people can bridge the perceived gaps between political regions. His books demonstrate that unique and calm ability to persuade people to come to grips with fundamentals. His presence in the Presidential primary debates would not be marginalized.

I'd vote to send this Texas Baptist to Pennsylvania Avenue. What about you?


Blogger PBill said...

Uh...Moyers endorsed by Nader...noooooo thanks, but I do understand that the religious leftists absolutely love BM.


6:39 AM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

I wish! But Moyers is way too smart (and ethical) to get into that mess.

Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. We're still praying for your dad.

2:38 PM

Anonymous Greg Tomlin said...


I hope your father is doing well. Longterm illnesses are not easy to deal with. Probably the only thing more shocking is the sudden loss of a parent.

The "infamous" Greg Tomlin here, as you referred to me on Westmoreland-White's blog. Moyers for president? Brother, help me understand the thinking. Moyers is an interesting personality, and does have some political credentials -- from 40 years ago. So he worked in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations as a presser for them; that hardly qualifies him to be president. He has no executive management experience (and by that I mean in government). He has never been elected to office. I'm not saying this because he is a leftist religiously. But it seems to me that there are any number of liberal candidates who hold the same qualities in the 9 blue states already. So what is the real reason he'd be a good president, you think? Is it because he's qualified or because in demeanor and occupation he is the anti-Bush? Curious ...


8:11 AM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

Do I think Bill Moyers will become President? No

Do I think Moyers can win the nomination? Highly Unlikely...

Moyer's can help shape the debate and hopefully instill some political courage into the other nominees.

Moyers does have quite a bit more experience in politics than many Governors and Senators elected to political office. Your beloved President, George W. Bush had zippo experience when he became the Governor of the Great State of Texas in 1994.

Must one hold a previous elected position before they can run for President? If so, count Condi out...

To many, Jesse Jackson was an appealing candidate in 1984...

Moyer's may not have enough executive experience for your taste, but if he ran, his role would be as a gadfly who could spark debate among the other candidates.

12:43 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I've already said (on my blog) that Moyers is one intriguing presidential possibility. While I am not sure he could get elected, I am very sure he could change the shape of the debate and make whatever Democrat got the nomination move in a more progressive direction than otherwise.

Mr. Tomlin says that Moyers doesn't have the experience, but he has at least as much as others who have thrown their hats into the ring, from business tycoons to military generals.

But I don't think we should put all our eggs in one basket this far from '08. I think we should try to get several progressives to consider running and see who can actually generate a campaign that does better in the primaries than the media-pre-selected (and GOP pre-selected) Hillary Clinton--who STILL hasn't changed her mind on the war and is still cozying up to the very rightwing nuts that want to destroy her and the country.

Let's see if we can't get Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Gov. Ben Richardson (D-NM), Marian Wright Edelman, etc. to consider running.

We need to shake up the system, get new thinking and new blood going, but with competent folks, too. Moyers is one possibility.

10:08 PM

Blogger roy said...

I agree that he would be a great addition to the campaign. At this point, I really am hoping that Obama will run but Moyers would be a wonderful voice in the mix.
Whenever conservatives raise "experience" as a qualification for the job, I want to remind them who they last ran for president... a man with a few failed businesses and who was governor of Texas, which I understand is one of the weakest governorships in the nation.

1:41 PM


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