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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Democrats, Morality, & Anti-Terrorism

Yes, Democrats are now the official party of Morality and Anti-Terrorism

Fresh from the blog of Mother Jones...

Yep, it’s official. In the span of a week, the Democratic Party has gone from being the party of dissolute, weak-kneed peaceniks to being the party of morally upstanding security men—according to, of all people, Americans.

A Newsweek poll released Saturday found that more Americans trust Democrats to “do a better job of handling moral values” than trust Republicans—42 percent vs 36 percent. And a USA Today poll gave Democrats a 5-point edge on fighting terrorism, which is astonishing considering the so-called War on Terror as been the heart of GOP’s campaign.

The lead could evaporate as Republicans dump their huge war chests into attack ads, but for the moment one could be forgiven for feeling a sense of awe: not since well before 9/11 have the Democrats so thorougly socked it to Republicans on the GOP's home turf.

How about that?

With November just around the corner, I'm encouraged and excited.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:29 PM

Blogger Dan Trabue said...

Unfortunately, the Dems have a way of being so lame as to manage to lose even races they should easily win.


With any luck, maybe they'll grow a bit of backbone and develop a plan beyond, "Vote for us: We're not as bad as them!"

12:42 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I'm still worried for the following reasons: 1) North Korea's nuclear test could change the entire dynamics. No poll has been conducted since that test. 2) Democrats have a history of blowing it at the end of the race. 3) Democrats seem to be coasting rather than pushing here at the end. Why aren't they loudly pointing today to the accidental plane crash yesterday in NYC and asking how a plane even got in that restricted airspace--6 years after 9/11? 4)Electronic voting, voting roll purges, and other dirty tricks. I am not confident that the election won't simply be stolen.

Still, things look better now than at any time since 2000. But the Dems desperately need a win. At least the House. They need the confidence.

12:42 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Dan's comment points to the fact that Progressives, including politically progressive Christians, are not just trying to get Democrats elected. That's very important--like a tourniquet to keep the body politic from bleeding to death. But our struggle won't end if the Dems retake both Houses of Congress, impeach Bush, Cheney (Rumsfeld, Rice, etc.) or even win sweeping victories in '08.

We are struggling 1) to reclaim the soul of the Democratic Party from the corporate whores of the Democratic Leadership Conference (DLC)--Republican wannabes whose economic policies paved the way for some of the worst deprivations of the Bush II years and whose failure to dismantle nukes and Star Wars during the Clinton years and--for the most part-failure to oppose the Iraq war EVEN NOW--has allowed Bush II imperialism to endanger the whole world. 2) We are struggling to get the kind of electoral reforms that restores power to the people and would allow 3rd parties (Greens on the left, Libertarians on the right) make a difference instead of just being electoral spoilers. 3) We are struggling for a politics of hope and the common good--in all political parties. If we break the power of the far right in the G.O.P., then maybe we can look forward to a time when we will see Republicans of the Harold Stassen/ Mark Hatfield type again.

But all that depends on reclaiming at least one House of Congress in November for the Democrats. None of the larger goals can be accomplished with a neo-con GOP in charge of all 3 branches of government. So, we vote even for Democrats this time which aren't very progressive because we can seat count.

I just wish I wasn't afraid that the Dems will blow it with only 3 weeks left.

1:40 PM


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