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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Third Baptist State Convention In Texas?

The Baptist General Convention of Texas traces its roots back to the Baptist State Convention of Texas which was formed in 1848.

150 years later, a group of disgruntled fundamentalists separated from the BGCT and formed the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention in 1998.

Now, apparently, there is talk of a Third Baptist State Convention here in Texas.

Blogger Rick Davis, pastor of FBC Brownwood and former BGCT employee, writes in a blog post titled BGCT: A Third Convention? A New Way?:
There is some talk around the state about a third state convention.

I am not making this up. A few of us have heard.

Let me say, I can make an argument for pooling and dispensing funds in a different way. It is almost impossible for me to make an argument for a new convention. My mind cannot wrap around another denomininational apparatus.
Ken Coffee, retired Associate Director of the BGCT State Missions Commission, recently was defeated by Carolyn Strickland, 728-668, in an election for First Vice-President of the Baptist General Convention of Texas.  Responding on Davis's blog to a question regarding the source of these rumors, Coffee writes:
I can tell you it is not Baptist princes that talked to me about it, nor anyone who wanted a cushy job. It was people who are tired of being manipulated by those who have an agenda to take the BGCT to national status, inviting disenfranchised moderates from everywhere to join us. I talk to a lot of good lay people out here in West Texas, where large sums of C.P. money come from. Lots of these folks are tired of the fighting and the unchristian rhetoric that has arisen between some in the BGCT and the SBC. You may think it is hilarious, but these folks had a serious concern prior to this year's BGCT meeting.
Guess we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.  Three state conventions would be, um, historic.  It is Texas, though.



Anonymous Karen G said...

Which convention is larger? Which group is the 'talk' now coming from? What do they want?

5:44 AM

Blogger Bart Barber said...

BDW said: "The Baptist General Convention of Texas traces its roots back to the Baptist State Convention of Texas which was formed in 1848."

Actually, I don't know that the BGCT's roots arise any more out of the Baptist State Convention than they do out of the Baptist General Association. An only somewhat lesser case can be made for the three other state conventions that agreed to dissolve in 1883 rather than expect formal merger along with the BGA and the BSC into the new BGCT.

So, in 1883 at least FIVE state conventions of Southern Baptists existed in Texas. The emergence of another Baptist state convention in Texas would indeed be historic, but the mere existence of as many as three such state conventions in Texas would be neither unprecedented nor unsurpassed.

Thanks for blogging on this...I didn't know until you wrote about it.

6:13 AM

Blogger r. grannemann said...

How could there possibly be the energy for this?

Better to pitch in and make the BGCT what it should be: a convention focused on ministry without secular politics and religious rancor.

Hey, Lowrie was elected. Why are they complaining?

8:17 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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