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Sunday, October 26, 2008

SBC Ethics Guru Dick Land Goes Anti-Vasectomy

I never realized that the Southern Baptist Convention had taken a position on the Vasectomy until I read this quote from Southern Baptist ethics guru Richard Land:
The Southern Baptist Convention is not opposed to the use of birth control within marriage as long as the methods used do not cause the fertilized egg to abort and as long as the methods used do not bar having children all together unless there's a medical reason the couple should not have children," he told Dallas television station WFAA.
Good gracious. Land definitely puts the kook in kooky.



Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

Whew! I barely slipped by. Guess I'll go to heaven now. My wife was advised not to have another child. I guess it won't be long until we'll be hearing about urologists refusing to do vasectomies, and the bombing of vasectomy clinics.

6:32 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't know where you got that picture, but I laughed a good five minutes over it.

4:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You would welcome the description liberal. I covet the description conservative. However, Richard Land is a goober and for that we can both agree.

After I was born the doctor told my parents not to have any more children as it would probably kill my mother.

I am glad to say that my mother is still alive and kicking. For that I am eternally grateful ... especially since my father has gone on to heaven.

3:50 PM

Blogger Byroniac said...

Big Daddy Weave:

I apologize for being rude to you in the past. I was wrong for that! I never thought we would agree on much of anything, but I agree with you totally here.

5:45 PM


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