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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Patterson Speaks; Attacks Frank Page & "Liberals"

Unlike Al Mohler, Paige Patterson does not publish his opinions very often. Nor does he grant many interview requests. However, today PP has released an 1800 word diatribe via SBC's propaganda-arm, Baptist Press. A few interesting snippets are below:

Just over a week ago, Lifeway released a study which showed that the number of people baptized in Southern Baptist churches had fallen for the third straight year in 2007 and this number of folks baptized is the SBC's lowest since 1987. In response to this study, SBC President Frank Page blamed the decline in part on a perception that Southern Baptists are "mean-spirited, hurtful and angry."

In his op-ed, Patterson comes back swinging at Frank Page with this:
Who are these "mean-spirited" among us? Is it also "mean-spirited" to make broad imprecise allegations of "mean-spiritedness"? Are some who make these charges guilty themselves?
And Patterson continues with a few swipes at "moderates and liberals." He writes:
Thrashing the Conservative Renaissance as though it were somehow responsible for this decline is irresponsible. One need only ask for the evangelistic and missionary statistics for the moderate churches whose leaders provided the opposition to conservatives in order to debunk this allegation. The present state cannot please our Lord, but it is a safe bet that He is more pleased about what we are attempting globally than about the social and environmentally based programs of moderate and liberal churches. If the Conservative Renaissance had not happened, our evangelism would look exactly like moderate churches, which are in decline.
Patterson is one classy fundamentalist.

When the going gets tough, deny deny deny and then blame the "liberals"

And since when did the so-called "Conservative Resurgence" become the "Conservative Renaissance" ?

What's that all about?


Blogger Debbie Kaufman said...

I agree with you on this Aaron. But as we continue to go down unless we repent and put Christ at the center, this will continue I'm afraid. I however took his criticism on those who did not like what Southern Baptists stand for as pointing to those in the world as well as liberals. Those who are lost. But until the Holy Spirit does a work it may be as Bob Cleveland has said that God has removed His hand. Once again time will tell.

11:54 AM

Anonymous Jeremy said...

Conservative Renaissance...hmmm...

What will they come up with next?

Big Daddy has certainly touched on some of the finer points of this editorial, but I would encourage everyone to look at the entire article to see just how out of touch P.P. is.

I believe he was calling out Wade Burleson when referencing that some believe "young leaders" are leaving the SBC. I can't tell if he's denying this fact or if he believes that the ones leaving are simply rejecting biblical teaching for the sake of culture. Either way, his conclusions seem unwarranted.

12:08 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

We needed each other. Still do. Moderates need the conservatives' evangelicalism, and conservatives need the call to social justice of moderates. And I still believe that deep down, PP knows that.

8:43 PM


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