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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Broadway Baptist Pastor Brett Younger To Resign


Embattled pastor of Broadway Baptist Church quits

April 17, 2008 Fort Worth, Texas

After months of controversy, and survival of an unprecedented 1/3 to 2/3 vote to vacate the pulpit, Brett Younger is resigning as pastor of Broadway Baptist Church. He is taking a position at Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brett Younger's last Sunday will be June 8.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has the story as well below:

FORT WORTH -- After surviving months of bitter infighting over the philosophical direction of his church, the Rev. Brett Younger, senior pastor at Broadway Baptist Church, is stepping down to work on the faculty of a divinity school in Atlanta.

Younger, 47, is going to work at McAfee School of Theology at Mercer University in Atlanta. Members of the church leadership were told about his resignation earlier this week. His last day at Broadway Baptist will be June 8.

"I am pleased at this opportunity to be part of an outstanding faculty," Younger said. "I feel like the Spirit is leading me to this new ministry. I am also sad at leaving Broadway."

Kathy Madeja, chairwoman of the deacon board, said Younger will announce his resignation to the congregation on Sunday and that her board will meet Monday to consider the next steps for hiring a new head pastor. Madeja had nothing but praise for Younger, who originally came to work at the church in 2001.

"Brett has worked tirelessly as the pastor of Broadway Baptist Church," Madeja said. "Brett and I have worked closely through some difficult times at Broadway. I have a great appreciation for his love of Broadway and its ministries."

Younger's announcement comes about a month after he survived a vote to "vacate the pulpit" after months of unrest over his leadership, including a debate over how to show gay members in a pictorial directory.

Broadway has a long history of being a leader in moderate Baptist circles. Near downtown, it has about 1,500 members.

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Blogger Cat's Dad said...

I'm sure Mercer will be a good fit for Pastor Younger. He, President Carter, Bill Underwood--all associated with the same institution? Get outa here!

Even here, south of Houston, I can feel the welcoming, affirming, all-inclusive (except of fundamental conservative Baptists) love vibes all the way from Hotlanta.

8:39 PM

Anonymous Burton H Patterson said...

I am a member of Broadway.

On the front page of the Fort Worth Star Telegram of April 18, 2008, the article concerning Brett Younger quitting as pastor of Broadway Baptist Church gave the impression that he was completing a successful ministry at Broadway. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

When Dr. Brett Younger became pastor the resident membership was in excess of 2,000. Currently the number of resident members half that number. When Dr. Younger arrived Broadway’s Sunday School attendance hovered near 600. It now is half that number. The attendance in Sunday morning worship is now less than half of when he came. Contributions to the church budget now are lower than at any time during his tenure. Each year the number of member departing is significantly greater than the number of new members. His ministry has been a major catastrophe for the church which now is highly fragmented.
Having led the church to the brink of disaster he now leaves. His ministry cannot be called “successful” by any standard.

Burton H. Patterson
Southlake, TX

10:48 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Big Daddy and Burton,

I was grieved to hear of Brett Younger's resignation. I knew in light of the trying circumstances the church was facing that he would probably be open to a door the Lord might open for him and his family. Unfortunately his departure does not heal the wounds and brokenness within the family at Broadway.

It would be wise for the church to look past the office of pastor to understand the complexities of its situation. Assuming the statistical story related on this blog is true the church is in significant decline. However, much like the realm of coaching too often the pastor gets too much credit when a church grows and too much blame when it struggles and declines.

Churches are complex organism that are dramatically impacted by their context and environment. Broadway faced a uphill struggle when Younger arrived, and its struggle is even now more critical as he leaves.

I pray the Lord will guide Broadway to continue to be a light of hope in the heart of the city of Fort Worth. I pray the leaders will be able to assess accurately the state of the church and what needs to be done. I pray the Lord will send a wise seasoned pastor to lead them through this storm as they re-dream the dream.

I also pray Brett will go in the grace of our Lord. I pray the lessons both good and bad he has learned he will pass on to the coming generation of leaders.

These are difficult times and we would be wise to pray for each other.

David Lowrie

10:52 AM

Anonymous rusty walker said...

Brett Younger is that wolf in sheep's "robing." A Baptist in a robe? Hardly Baptist, hardly Christian. Brett crammed liberal talking points concerning sodomy down our throats during his 7 year tenure at Broad(is the)way Baptist in Fort Worth, Texas. After destroying our once glorious fellowship, he now seeks to corrupt young flesh at Mercer's school of theology. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING IN GEORGIA? Bringing in such heretical foolishness, ie. No blood atonement, No bodily resurrection, No virgin birth?!!! Younger would be better fit at the BroaderWay Unitarian Universalist School of Deeper Deceptions. Parents of Mercer students, BEWARE! Tuition monies would be better spent on known Communist propagandists,... the deceiver is coming to Mercer!!!!

3:16 PM


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