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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Missour Baptist Editor Supports Confederate Flag

Some stuff is hard to believe.

This article about Missouri Baptist editor Don Hinkle is an example of that "stuff"

More later.

Missouri Baptist Editor Supports Confederate Flag by Brian Kaylor

A snippet:
Hinkle also described slavery as "the misfortunate of blacks" and claimed that Reconstruction actually produced greater injustices than slavery or Jim Crow laws.

"The only connection I can see between Jim Crow and the war, much less the flag, is that it may have been the white Southerners' way of retaliating against some blacks who took advantage of them during the most corrupt and disgraceful period in our nation's history, Reconstruction," Hinkle asserted. "Such wrongful retaliation occurs whenever the majority regains control after the minority has abused the majority."



Blogger Les Puryear said...


Hinkle is wrong on this one. The Confederate flag is offensive to African-Americans and we need to consider their feelings before our own in this matter.

The verse in Phil. 2 comes to mind: "esteem others better than yourselves."


1:59 PM

Blogger Debbie Kaufman said...

I'm absolutely with Les on this one.

3:03 PM

Blogger CB Scott said...

I am a Southerner. I have been all over this world, but at heart I am a Southerner. I have no shame in being a Southerner. I own no man an apology for the acts of my ancestors. For anyone to say I do betrays ignorance and bigotry on their part.

I am also a Christian. My Christian accountability far outstrips my Southern heritage. Any privilege or advantage I may have due to being a Southerner must be laid aside if I am going to be a follower of Christ.

Therefore, even though I have knowledge that the Confederate flag being flown is nothing and if it is not flown is nothing. The flying of a flag does not defile a man nor does the not flying of a flag defile a man. But if the flying of a flag makes my weaker brother weak I will not fly the flag.

I must take heed lest by any means my liberty to fly a Confederate flag becomes a stumblingblock to them which are weak. Because if I sin against the brethren and wound their weak conscience I sin against Christ.

Therefore, I do not exercise my liberty to fly the Confederate flag.

Don Hinkle is wrong. Of course, he is wrong about many things. He would do well to acquaint himself more with the writings of Paul, especially 1 Corinthians 8.

Of course, getting more acquainted with the writings of Paul would not hurt anyone. Right, Big Daddy?

BTW, I noticed you did not say anything harsh about my old friend, Bob Tenery. I thank you for that. Although, you did place his name as a pearl before swine when you mentioned him among the flakes and nuts of Baptistlife.com. :-)



5:53 AM


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