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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Baptist Blogs

Here are a few relatively new blogs that are out there in the Baptist Blogosphere.

Check 'em out.

We Are Texas Baptists (texasbaptists.wordpress.com)
-This is a blog run by folks at the BGCT. Outgoing Executive-Director Charles Wade has also been contributing to this blog lately. A pretty decent blog that has sparked some great conversations.

Baptist Young Professionals
-This blog is a project of the Texas Baptist Young Professional Network. Contributors include Young Baptists from inside and outside of Texas. Though I've yet to post anything - yours truly is listed as a contributor.

David Lowrie (loveandlead.wordpress.com)
-This is the blog of recent BGCT Presidential candidate and pastor of FBC Canyon, Texas, David Lowrie.

-This is the best Baptist site that you've never visited. Nathan White - a student at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond - has created a useful resource loaded with links and a comprehensive blog aggregator. Nathan's blog aggregator includes 70 non-SBC Baptist Bloggers, some who post every day and some who rarely post. You may have seen a link to moderateBaptists.com over at the Baptists Today website. Be sure to stop by and check it out.



Blogger Nathan said...

BDW, thanks for the shoutout and kind words.

I can't get my software to find your feed for mB. Everyone else is working, but I just can't get yours to syndicate on there, yet I can read it in Google Reader by itself. It's given me problems before...

1:05 PM

Anonymous Barely a prof said...


I'm back and hoping to stay more active in the blogosphere. Not ready to start my own, but your old man keeps telling me I should read/write more.

thanks for the referral of other good Baptist sites. Maybe it's just me as a novice, but the first article that popped up on moderatebaptist was dissing (rather naively I thought) the future of embryonic stem cell research.

VERY volatile issue, but one that surely merits more than a quick, "told'ya" in stating that embryonic technology will never work (or, as i posted, did I just not get his attempt at irony/satire?).

Anyway, BDW Sr keeps proving his Bpatist chutzpah day in and day out at the work site. Should be fun perusing your blogging buddies for what the Millenials think are "Baptist Distinctives". I'm taking that on as an '08 research project. I.e. comparing the traditional categories that your old man and I cut our teeth on, with what you guys 20 guys after us see as Baptist distinctives.

The times (and the verbiage) they are a-changin. Atlanta should be fun, not the least of reasons will be the "rubbin up aginst each other" in our Baptist words and ways.

SSadler (aka Barely a prof)

5:34 PM


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