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Friday, August 10, 2007

Mrs. Degree - Baptist Seminary Enters 19th Century

Paige Patterson's Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary made many of the newspapers this morning. Check it out.

From the Washington Post....

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers coursework in Greek and Hebrew, in archaeology, in the philosophy of religion and _ starting this fall _ in how to cook and sew.

Southwestern Baptist, one of the nation's largest Southern Baptist seminaries, is introducing a new academic program in homemaking as part of an effort to establish what its president calls biblical family and gender roles.

It will offer a bachelor of arts in humanities degree with a 23-hour concentration in homemaking. The program is only open to women. Coursework will include seven hours of nutrition and meal preparation, seven hours of textile design and "clothing construction," three hours of general homemaking, three hours on "the value of a child," and three hours on the "biblical model for the home and family."

Seminary officials say the main focus of the courses is on hospitality in the home _ teaching women interior design as well as how to sew and cook. Women also study children's spiritual, physical and emotional development.........

David Key, director of Baptist studies at Emory University's Candler School of Theology, said part of the reason why the seminary may be introducing the new homemaking program is in reaction to the Klouda lawsuit.

"Women continue to make more inroads into traditional male bastions, which could be provoking Patterson to do this," Key said.

Patterson is "trying to draw the line in the sand of where women need to be."

Keep 'em at home and in the kitchen. Is this the new version of barefoot and pregnant?

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Blogger Streak said...

Doesn't seem "new" at all. I am sure they would all be offended by the way my wife and I manage roles and chores. I cook 90% of the time and she is the primary breadwinner. Oops.

10:05 AM

Blogger Monk-in-Training said...

Actually as a formerly married man, and a parent of three, I have no problem with this degree as long as they let either gender take it.

I understand that families are a lot eaiser to operate if one generates cash and one manages the home. WHICH one is up to the couple.

10:13 AM

Blogger Streak said...

Great point, Monk.

8:40 AM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

But "homemaking," whether done by one sex or the other, has nothing to do with theological education. Even apart from the sexist overtones, this is an inappropriate academic degree for a theological seminary.

12:53 PM

Blogger Monk-in-Training said...

I can see your point, however consider that service to others shouldn't be the core of any theological journey that is based on Christ?

2:33 PM

Blogger Monk-in-Training said...

Urk, what a Scribe I would have made!

What I meant to say was:

Shouldn't service to others in Christ's name be the core of any theological education?

2:41 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Yes,but one can emphasize service to others without degrees in "homemaking."

7:37 PM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

So why don't men need to learn about "the value of the child"?!?

8:53 AM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Men absolutely need to learn the "value of the child," but I think it highly unlikely that any would do so in a course like that designed for SWBTS.

2:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You left out that in addition to the Family and Consumer Science style undergraduate courses you also must complete 23 hours in Biblical studies and 2 years of Greek and Latin.

6:37 AM


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