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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

John Edwards - We Need it in the Worst Kinda Way

Universal Health Care....

From last night's AFL-CIO Democratic Debate.

Crooks & Liars:
If this man’s genuine passion and anguish doesn’t move you, you’re not human. Steve Skvara, a disabled, retired steel worker from Indiana tells the story of how he lost his family’s health insurance after the company he worked for, for 34 years closed two years after they forced him to retire. Skvara received a standing ovation, and rightfully so. He represents millions of hard working Americans who have lost their jobs and benefits and face the humiliation of not being able to provide for themselves or their families. Can you imagine a Republican fielding a question like this?
Senator Edwards won over more than a few people with that passionate response. No doubt.

I voted for John four years ago. Unfortunately, more Democrats picked the other John.

Maybe 2nd time is the charm!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is there the image of the Star Wars "fish-eyed" character from Episode VI on the panel behind Edwards?

7:17 AM


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