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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Richard Land Crushin' on Fred Thompson AGAIN!

We've written about Richard Land's man-crush on Fred Thompson a time or two before.

Tricky Dick has weighed in heavily again on Fred...

"I'm around a lot of Baptists," Land said. "They find Fred Thompson to be a tantalizing combination of charisma, conviction and electability. He's got a Reaganesque ability to connect with ordinary folk that is powerful."

Land added: "He also has the same Teflon coating that Reagan had: Bad stuff just doesn't stick."

Past remarks include:
"This is Fred Thompson's race to lose" he said. "I have never seen anything like this
grassroots swell for Thompson. I'm not speaking for Southern Baptists, but I do believe I have my hand on the pulse of Southern Baptists and I think I know where the consensus is."

"Fred Thompson reminds me of a Southern-fried Reagan...To see Fred work a crowd must be what it was like to watch Rembrandt paint."
Notice how Land keeps comparing Fred to Ronald Reagan....

So, does one need to use the word "endorse" to actually endorse a candidate?

How many Southern Baptists actually knew who Fred Thompson was just four months ago? Other than Tennessee residents, political junkies, and Law & Order addicts such as myself?

Should I be surprised that Land is crushin' on Fred despite his spotty record on abortion?

In 1994, according to news reports, Thompson wrote that the "ultimate decision" about abortion is a woman's and that government should not intervene. On questionnaires he submitted to the Eagle Forum and the Christian Coalition, he said he was opposed to both criminalizing abortion and a constitutional amendment protecting the sanctity of human life.

Reports that Thompson had been hired by the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association to lobby the first Bush administration renewed the questions.

Like Mitt Romney, Tricky Dick frequents the Marriott too!

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Blogger Tim said...

I was just thinking. I've heard a that regular Southern Baptists are supposed to be distancing themselves from political groups. Granted, I'm sure that it won't be as much as some people make out...but it got me thinking about Land and Thompson.

Since Thompson isn't so tied to the abortion issue, couldn't that mean a moderate shift for Land to endorse him? I mean, yeah, Land is still endorsing a Republican candidate. But, in some people's eyes, that kind of attitude toward of attitude towards abortions would be a deal breaker.

Just a thought.


8:10 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...

Obviously Richard Land will never admit to "endorsing" anyone.

In an interview with WORLD magazine, Land predicted "the fussing will stop once the pro-life Thompson enters the race."

So see, Land considers Thompson pro-life. The question remains how will Land deal with Thompson's past statements and more importantly how will Thompson himself deal with those statements. He'll have to confront the issue once he officially becomes a candidate....

Land has already stated that he will not support pro-choice Rudy under any circumstances, even in a Rudy v. Hillary contest.

Land views the anti-abortion movement as the successor to the abolitionists. It's a deal-breaking issue for him. Or so he's said. We'll see if he keeps his word.

9:01 PM


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