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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Hardball Question For John Edwards via YouTube

Last night many of you politico junkies tuned in for the gazillionith Presidential debate in this extraordinarily long primary season. The format was quite novel. Instead of Chris Matthews lobbing softballs, the candidates were faced with real hardballs straight from homemade YouTube videos created by the Average Joe.

Senator Edwards was asked a rather pointed and tricky question worthy of discussion. You can watch below:

The Rev. Reggie Longcrier of Exodus Missionary Outreach Church in Hickory, North Carolina asked:
Senator Edwards said his opposition to gay marriage is influenced by his Southern Baptist background. Most Americans agree it was wrong and unconstitutional to use religion to justify slavery, segregation, and denying women the right to vote. So why is it still acceptable to use religion to deny gay American their full and equal rights?
Edward's answer was disappointing to say the least. In fact, his answer was a nonanswer. Instead of offering a thoughtful answer, Edwards began to ramble about his personal journey, bla bla bla and finally concluded by pointing out that his own wife supports marriage equality. Big whoop John. Don't throw the blame on your Southern Baptist background. That's a cop-out and an insult to all politically Progressive former-Southern Baptists. If Edwards opposition to marriage equality is based on something other than the "ick factor" then please articulate that reason...

Obama was equally evasive. When asked the difference between a ban on interracial marriage and a ban on gay marriage, Obama ducked and dodged.

Presidential candidates shouldn't get a pass on the tough questions. I don't want a nominee who espouses views determined by a focus group or overpaid consultant. A candid candidate with a penchant for truth and honesty is desired....

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Blogger healtheland said...

I can tell you the difference between interracial marriage and gay marriage. The Bible specifically repeatedly says that it is a sin to be a homosexual. It never says that it is a sin to be black. The Bible also never forbad interracial marriage. It only said that Old Testament Jews could not marry outside of their RELIGION. But anyone of any race could convert to Judaism and marry a Jew ... as a matter of fact such a thing was greatly desired. As a matter of fact, Ruth the Moabite started the line of David from which Jesus Christ came from. And David was grievously punished for taking the wife of and murdering the righteous Hittite convert and military officer Uriah. By the time that Jesus Christ was born, the Judaism included Arabs, Africans, Asians ... every race in the known world. So, in theological and historical, comparing interracial marriage with homosexuality is a flat out lie. You all know it, so why do you deny the truth? And we all know that CNN chose that clip precisely because it fit their agenda: having an elderly southern black preacher advocate this agenda in order to try to put a more acceptable face on their political agenda. It is no different from how the right uses Clarence Thomas - a south Georgia boy like you and I - to put a face on their agenda. Well, since both sides are willing to use the same tactics to oppose the Bible, we can conclude that both the right and the left the Democrats and Republicans, are on the side of anti - Christ (taking the definition of the term given in the John epistles, not the popular ascriptural "Left Behind" movies). So the question is whose side are YOU on? Scripture, or the world?

12:31 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...


I'm not advocating that marriage between two men is biblical. That's a moot point.

But we do live in a pluralistic society, a democracy, where all should enjoy equal rights. All Americans are not Christian. Far from it. And not everyone shares your view that homosexuality is a sin. Thankfully because of religious freedom this is possible since a coerced faith is really not faith at all...

Frankly, I do not believe that the government should be handing out marriage licenses. All couples should be allowed to enter into legal, binding civil unions/partnerships. The right to marry should be determined by our religious institutions alone...

Fortunately, I don't live in an either/or world. My Bible teaches me that to be a good Christian means to be a good citizen. Thus, I'm a participant in my surrounding culture and in the political process.

7:01 PM

Anonymous Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I wish Edwards would quit mentioning his SBC upbringing when citing his opposition to gay marriage. It's almost like he's saying, "Well, I would be for marriage equality like my wife and daughter, if only I hadn't been raised Baptist." Like he's blaming Baptists for his lingering bigotry.

2:40 PM

Blogger healtheland said...

Big Daddy Weave: It is not a moot point. It is the whole point, because CNN was using a pastor to oppose scripture. If you want to play pluralistic libertarian when it becomes inconvenient to oppose the left's anti - Christ agenda of sodomy and sacrificing our unborn to Baal and Molech, that is your prerogative ... for your sake I hope that you will be able to find a scripture to support the battles that you choose to fight the day that you stand before a righteous God in judgment. But please, do not deny the game that CNN was playing by bringing on the elderly black pastor from North Carolina to pressure John Edwards into claiming that Christians should not take a stand on homosexuality in the public square. Weave, the same Bible that tells us to deliver justice to the poor also tells us to oppose sin, and that includes murder and sodomy. Like if we eliminate poverty, war, and racism but are a nation full of sodomites and baby - killers that will make us more righteous or something.

9:01 PM


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