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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Desiring Racial Reconciliation: A Professor's Story

BDW Sr. has a new post on this subject that can be found at http://drweaver.blogspot.com

A snippet....
Getting to know someone opens doors to reconciliation when the various parties are willing to learn and to fellowship. The highlight of the recent annual meeting of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship was seeing the leaders of American Baptists, Fellowship Baptists and Progressive National Baptists on the same stage. Why have we waited?
Check it out.



Blogger One Busy Mom said...

Saw you in Nashville last February at the Ecclecia church during the songwriter's circle. Just wondering what you are doing day to day. Are you writing any new music??

10:00 PM

Blogger Red Andrews said...

Big Daddy:

We promise this video is well worth your time. It should be a transformative experience, something akin to Paul's journey to grub at Damascus Chicken & Waffles.

BearMeat's Official Music Video

6:56 AM


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