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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wiley Drake Calls Obama "The Enemy"

Yesterday, the Associated Baptist Press reported that Rick Warren's Saddleback Church is hosting a two-day Global AIDS Summit. Leaders from churches, denominations, health, NGO's, Christian organizations, governments, businesses, and the entertainment industry will meet together to discuss how they can work with the community of faith to end the AIDS Crisis which has killed over 25 million people since 1981. Summit participants will hear messages from Laura Bush, Sen. Bill Frist, Sen. Sam Brownback, Bill Gates, Bono, Franklin Graham, President of World Vision, President of World Relief, and dozens of well-known doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists who are concerned about AIDS. The Summit is NOT a Church Service and its speakers will include both Republicans and Democrats - Christians and non-Christians.

Senator Barack Obama (D - III) will also be in attendance.

Thus far at least 18 pro-life groups have condemned Rick Warren for inviting Obama, who is pro-choice.

The loud and controversial Wiley Drake has called on Warren to rescind the invitation "to the enemy Senator Obama."

Currently, Wiley Drake serves as the second vice-president of the Southern Baptist Convention and as pastor of First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, California. Wiley is known best for leading the SBC in their 8-year long boycott of The Walt Disney Company and his personal ties with the Unification Church (Moonies). Wiley also insists on calling gay men "sodomites." But his obvious obsession with the so-called homosexual agenda must be left to a future post...

On his characterization of Senator Obama as "the enemy" - let's remind Wiley of his words in 2001...
"Under no circumstances does my affiliation with any religious organization or any religious leader endorse or give my approval of their beliefs,"

Surely, Rick Warren would agree as well! Inviting Senator Obama to the Global AIDS Summit does not mean that Rick Warren endorses Obama's pro-choice position!

Another question for Wiley. Should Laura Bush be uninvited as well??? In 2001, Laura sounded like a pro-choicer when she declared that Roe v. Wade should not be overturned. Is the wife of President Bush the enemy as well? What about Bill Gates? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given the Planned Parenthood Federation over 12 million since 1998. Uninvite - yes or no?

So, Partisan Wiley can cooperate with Moonies but not a popular Democratic Senator who happens to be pro-choice?

Talk about narrowing the parameters of cooperation.....good grief.


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Good post. Praying for the meeting in Arlington. Keep seeking Him first.

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