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Monday, October 02, 2006

Baptists and Alcohol: WWJD??

Miguel De La Torre on Bradley Reynolds of SEBTS.

A Must Read Sarcastic Smack-Down!


Blogger peter lumpkins said...


In your view, is there any credibility at all for the view of abstinence from recreational usages of alcoholic beverages?

Have a great evening. With that, I am...


1:34 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...


I don't think an argument can be made that the Bible demands abstinence.

Abstaining from alcohol is wise for many people. But to state that the Bible demands all Christians to abstain from alcohol? Sheesh.

3:28 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

I'm with Aaron. I became a Baptist in Germany where there never was a temperance movement and the preacher and the deacons kept inviting me to the local pub after evening worship. (This is the origin of my love for German dark laagers.) I didn't know that most Baptists in the Southern U.S. were teetotalers until I returned to the states. Well, I respected them but since I refuse to sign creeds, I never went along.

But my home pastor, O.R. Rice, was great on this issue. He argued for abstinence. Gave many pragmatic reasons for it. But, he refused to claim that abstinence was biblical. Refused the stupid tw0-wine theory ("My Jesus drank wine not grape juice!")and refused to make this something to divide Christians. He knew I drank beer, didn't like it, and licensed me to preach and recommended me to seminary anyway. My kind of teetotaler.

My current pastor and most of my church are teetotalers. We also have very few smokers, but we have more smokers than alcohol partakers. But not one person has suggested that we who drink moderately are sinning.

We are careful because at our congregation are many homeless and many are recovering alcoholics. (This is why I put up with the unbiblical practice of grape juice in communion. I don't like wine, especially red wines. But likes have nothing to do with the eucharist!)

And now, to paraphrase my friend, Miguel de la Torre, I return to my Becks dark laager.

5:41 PM

Blogger peter lumpkins said...


I think you mistake, with all due respect, BDW, that which the Bible "demands" with what may, after all, be morally prudent. The Bible doesn't "demand" I not torture my wife's cats, but I do not at all think it would be perfectly "biblical" and/or moral for me to do so.

Have a grace-filled evening and a peace-filled morning. With that, i am...


9:16 PM

Blogger posttinebraelux said...

While I'm not sure sarcasm is the most Christlike response to those who would require of us abstention from the moderate use of alcohol, I do believe it imperative that we continue to strive to teach others (especially those in our SB fold) that to hold such a position (abstinence) is fine as personal conviction, but is immoral to require of others - either as an implicit requirement (i.e. looking upon one as 'sinful' for partaking) or as an explicit requirement (not allowing them to be members of the local fold) - a practice I know of some SB pastors to participate in.
At any rate, Biblical Truth - including the truth that we should not impose our extra-biblical convictions on others - must be defended.

Grace and peace,


12:08 PM

Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

From the 8th C. Rituale Romanum--just in time for Oktoberfest: Liturgy you can really use:

Bless, O Lord, this creature beer, that Thou hast been pleased to bring forth from the sweetness of the grain: that it might be a salutary remedy for the human race: and grant by the invocation of Thy holy name, that, whosoever drinks of it may obtain health of body and a sure safeguard for the soul. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

10:06 AM


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