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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Joshua Convergence

Recently, I wrote a post entitled "A Fundamentalist Attack on Wade Burleson." In this post, I listed quotes from men who had explicitly or implicitly referred to Burleson as a "liberal." Dr. Bradley Reynolds of SEBTS was included in this group.

Now, Dr. Bradley Reynolds is heading up a meeting of young SBC leaders. This "annual meeting" known as the "Joshua Convergence" will be held today and tomorrow in Winter Park, Florida.

Here are a few snippets taken from the "Joshua Convergence" website.

The purpose of The Joshua Convergence is to give a voice to younger leaders across the Southern Baptist Convention who are strongly committed to biblical inerrancy, who support the goals and leadership of the conservative resurgence, and who unashamedly embrace biblical standards of separation and morality, in order that the Southern Baptist Convention might continue to hold to the authority, inerrancy, and sufficiency of Scripture in the future and that the nations might be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

An anonymous blogger known only as SWBTS Underground had this to say about the upcoming Joshua Convergence get-together...

I want everyone paying attention. No one has been inactive in this battle over leadership and authority in the SBC. It is about to flesh out into in all-out war. It is going to be a rehash of the Conservative Resurgence, but with one key distinction- both sides feel like they are taking the true conservative position, both sides feel God is on their side, and both sides now have vendettas and past wounds to avenge. This is a scary time in the SBC.

There is going to come a day soon when you will assuredly be called to voice your approval and support to one side or the other, whether it be in your church, your school, or your job.

As the old hymn goes - Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war! It's Rally The Troops time. Patterson's minions are putting on their war-paint, digging the trenches, and preparing for guerilla warfare Pressler-style. The SBC Wars won't stop until the "other side" is in a body bag. Rather, the SBC Wars won't stop until the Fudamentalists stomp out all dissent and the "other side" ceases to exist.

And you actually thought the so-called "Conservative Resuregence" was about the BIBLE???

Onward Christian Soldiers!

Do you smell an implosion??? Maybe, Bruce Gourley was on to something....


Blogger peter lumpkins said...


I don't know...Dr. Reynolds does not strike me as a fighting fundamentalist--at least the breed with which I have dealt.

Do you think TJC is the regrouping of the Conservative Resurgence? If so, I am afraid they will first have to dethrone the Calvinist Resurgence who feel themselves the rightful heir of their forefather.

Have a great morning. With that, i am...


4:21 AM

Blogger dave said...

If it weren't so true it might be funny.

One of my profs at Divinity School, who was a victim of the takeover/resurgence (definintely takeover)told us in 2ooo that it was only a matter of time before they turned on themselves. It seems there always has to be an "enemy."

It appears that the "tent" of the SBC is definitely shrinking.

I've enjoyed reading your commentary on Baptist life. Keep it up.



5:58 PM

Blogger Kevin Bussey said...

Great minds think alike. I ran across their site earlier and I was disturbed. Why is there always a battle?

7:34 PM

Blogger Big Daddy Weave said...


With Calvinists on both "sides" (so to speak), how do you foresee all that playing out if TJC is in fact the regrouping of the Conservative Resurgence?

TJC is obviously a response to the election of Frank Page, the McKessic situation, and the apparent growing popularity of Wade Burleson.

The Establishment feels threatened and seems to be sending in the boys to spread their Loyalist message.

War seems inevitable.

I just noticed that most of the info from the TJC website has been taken down except the purpose statement???

8:06 PM

Blogger Dr. Danny Chisholm said...

Now that all the "moderates" have been exiled there is no one left to fight with except each other. There has to be an enemy to fight and a battle to win. This is textbook Fundamentalism.

9:35 PM

Blogger peter lumpkins said...


I simply do not know...But, if Calvinists are on "both sides" as you indicate, perhaps that may just be the wedge to pry their loyality apart.

With that, I am...


p.s. Dave, you & I must have had the same prof. for I was told virtually the same thing by my sys. theo. prof :)

8:16 AM

Blogger D.R. said...

Peter, I think its a bit of a red herring to bring up Calvinists in this discussion, especially since the majority of those who identify themselves with the Founder's Movement are against any expansion of Landmarkism or any super-Biblical IMB guidelines (though as BDW pointed out, there are some Calvinists who view the IMB guidelines differently like Nathan Finn, and the Akin brothers). But the suggestion that Calvinists need be "dethroned" is not only laughable, but completely overstated, especially when the official LifeWay report on Calvinism notes that only 10% of the convention identifies itself as holding to "5-point Calvinism". I think it is time to let the Calvinism thing rest. I hear more about it on the blogosphere than I do at church, and I attend a Reformed SBC congregation with an SBTS professor as pastor! If anything, Calvinism might be the glue that holds together the two sides, since Calvinists do not fear debate and they generally respect the Bible enough to take all opinions seriously and thus will engage dissenting views rather than just bashing them from the outside, which is exactly what we need here in the SBC.


I don't think this group constitutes any threat of an all out war and the suggestion that "War seems inevitable" is speculative at best and an extreme exageration at worst. It is clear that some infighting is happening and some conservatives think that moderates are beginning to creep back into the convention. I don't think that is the case though. What will eventually happen here is that those who lead such a movement will be marginalized (remember Frank Page did get over 50% of the vote and he wasn't the household name) and the majority will once again control the SBC, just as it did during the years of the conservative resurgence.

1:45 PM

Blogger Tony K. said...

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12:12 PM

Blogger Tony K. said...

Sorry to post a ling but what do you guys think of this? A Message for "Some" Young Preachers from the Joshua Convergence! This is one video “highlight” from the event.

12:45 PM

Blogger SWBTS Underground said...

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1:56 PM

Blogger SWBTS Underground said...

ABP Article


Looks like we will be calling the shots as we see them.

Your Baptist cousin,


1:58 PM


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