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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ann Coulter: New Leader of the Religious Right?

Last month Frederick Clarkson of Talk2Action posed this same question.

Clarkson writes...

Is author and pundit Ann Coulter on her way to becoming the new leader of the religious right?

Well, maybe not exactly. Not yet anyway. But if her new book is any indication, she wants to be a contender. Godless: the Church of Liberalism, is a vintage screed that like many a tome before it, riffs off of the central frame of the religious right for the past generation or so.

Later in the artcle, Clarkson examines just how "Christian" Coulter actually is...

Ann Coulter says she is a Christian; she says she attends Reedemer Presbyterian Church in New York City -- however the church says she is not a member and has no information that she has ever attended. She is however, a Christian nationalist, asserting the bogus notion that the U.S. was founded as a "Christian nation." Unlike most people for whom their religioius identity is an important part of their private identity and their public persona, Coulter makes little effort to stress her Christianity except when scoring political points or make a sale. She makes no mention of her Christianity in her bio on her personal web site.

Today, Bob Allen of EthicsDaily.com reported that Ann Coulter helped the Christian Coalition of Georgia raise 150K at a fundraiser over the weekend. The purpose of CCOG's fundraiser was to raise money to pay for voter guides for the upcoming mid-term elections. Coulter spoke mostly on the subject of abortion. However, Coulter saved her most controversial retort for the very end when she referred to the Republican senators who defied Bush over the rules for interrogating terrorist subjects as "the al-Quaeda contingent."

Coulter will be the featured speaker this weekend at an event sponsored by James Dobson's Family Research Council.

Why has the Religious Right crawled into BED with such a vile human being who espouses hate and does not seem to practice her "faith" with a group of fellow believers?

Is Ann Coulter the New Leader of the Religious Right? Decide for yourself...


Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Coulter is a Christian in the same way Osama bin Laden is a Muslim.

She is beyond poison, but the Religious Right fawns over her for one reason---they have no integrity and never have had any.

3:06 AM

Blogger C. Joshua Villines said...

She is the perfect leader for the Religious Right, since the RR is primarily abut using religious rhetoric to defend social conservativism. When Coulter talks about faith it's always in absurd, shallow soundbites. Being a "conservative Christian" is just another part of the public persona she has adopted to sell books.

7:01 AM

Blogger foxofbama said...

The AJC had a story Saturday about her appearance at a CCoalition of Georgia ralley.
In the 200 or so comments attached to that story online, somebody raised the question about her sexual activity.
I bet she ranks high in her elite conn circles as one of the best fellators out there, if a comment in the AjC iscorrect. She probably has all the virtue of the whores who fill the houses of Duke's top four sororities as profiled in a recent expose in the New Yorker magazine.
I wonder how Coulter's sex life would square with the Christian ideals CFA's Perry McGuire holds high in his campaign for Ga. atty general.

3:54 PM


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