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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Discrimination At Its Finest...

Robert Marus of the Associated Baptist Press reports that the Alliance of Baptists have been fined $34,000 for "allegedly engaging in tourist activities while in Cuba for religious purposes.."

Dr. Bruce Prescott is also on top of this story at Mainstream Baptist.

This is just another disgusting example of the Bush Administration restricting religious freedom...

I wonder if the Alliance was an ultra-conservative evangelical religious organization - would they have been targeted and discriminated against as well...???


Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White said...

Answer: No. The entire point was to hurt the people of Cuba as part of the Bush administration's plans to destabilize the Castro regime. That's the whole point of calling the Cuban Council of Churches a "propaganda wing" of the Cuban govt. and restricting U.S. church groups like the Alliance from sending aid through the Council.

What is particularly mean-spirited though is fining the Alliance for rules broken BEFORE THEY WERE RULES. I've advised the BJC, AU, and ACLU to file suit on behalf of the Alliance because it's clear this is a violation of the first amenment.

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