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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Zig Zag Zell

The Huffington Post snagged this article on Zig Zag Zell from my childhood newspaper, The Macon Telegraph. According to the article, good ole Zig Zag "pocketed more than $60,000 in taxpayer funds earmarked for entertainment and other expenses at the Governor's Mansion (while Governor of Georgia)." Mr. Zag also "picked up a check for more than $20,000 for 'unused leave' - a sum to which he was not entitled to as a constitutional officer." Through a written statement prepared by his lawyer, Mr. Zag declared that he was "technically eligible" to take the mansion money since no one said that he could not!
However, in response to Mr. Zags actions, every living Georgia Governor from President Carter to Sonny Perdue stated that they did not consider the mansion money theirs nor would they have taken it. So what's the big deal? He took money that was "technically" his, right? Zell brought this upon himself when he decided to estblish himself as an "arbiter of moral behavior" in public office. Give back the money Zell. It's not yours. Follow your own advice and ask yourself - is taking this money decent?
Look at this guy. He used to be the hero of many Georgians. Most loved him for bringing HOPE (free tuition at any state school for having a B average in high school) to Georgia. Hey, I got 4 tuition-free years at the University of Georgia out of Zell. But what happened to this guy? When did he fall off his horse and bump his head? Why is he so angry? This guy has supported and endorsed many left-of-center politicians throughout the years including John Lewis. The Democrats didn't change Zell - YOU Changed!


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