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Friday, July 08, 2005

Rehnquist to Retire? So Says Novak

Here's a link to Robert Novak's latest Op-Ed in the Chicago Sun-Times. In this piece, Novak boldly asserts that before the end of the week (which I guess is Today) Rehnquist will announce his retirement.

Two open spots on the Supreme Court at the same time? Now that's a doozy!

This should give Bush an opportunity to replace Rehnquist with another right-winger and replace O'Connor with a "mainstream conservative." Thus, the Court will be left virtually unchanged. What a victory for the Religious Right!

When will the Religious Right wake up and realize that they are being used ?

What has Bush done for them lately? What happened to those Faith-Based Initiatives? Federal Marriage Amendment?

It appears that Lip Service is all Falwell and Dobson will be getting....


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