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Thursday, June 19, 2008

CBF General Assembly Pictures and Book Signing

An unfinished thesis kept me from booking a flight to Memphis. I've actually been finished with the thesis for a couple of weeks now but that didn't allow me enough time to get a flight for cheaper than the cost of three-months rent. So, I've been browsing the pictures online of the General Assembly here. Nothing too exciting. But I did enjoy this t-shirt:

This picture was taken at the Resource fair where BDW Sr. will be signing his new book:

In Search of the New Testament Church: The Baptist Story by C. Douglas Weaver

Dr. Jim West, I believe, is the first to review it. He wrote:
The last substantive history of Baptists was written by Bill Leonard and was titled Baptist Ways: A History. It was a decidedly useful volume, though at points a bit dense and a bit less readable than it otherwise might have been. C. Douglas Weaver's newly published volume definitely does not suffer that shortcoming. It is not only exceptionally well written, it is exceptionally readable. .....

Weaver, in sum, has done simply a brilliant job of reminding us all that Baptists have - in the past - been people of conscience. Whether we remain such, or bow to the pressures of a world which ever more summons us to conformity, is up to us. Get Weaver's book and read it diligently. It will reward you magnificently.

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