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Friday, June 13, 2008

"Dr." John Hunt's Diploma Mill Doctorate, Take 2

Since EthicsDaily.com's revealing article on "Dr." Johnny Hunt's academic credentials hit the internets yesterday there has been much response. Now, the Washington Post/Newsweek has picked up the story on their "On Faith" website. Here that is:

New SBC Leader's Dubious Credentials

The story has made it's way over to the Daily Kos as well.

An amateur Christian rapper came to Hunt's rescue and put his thoughts in the form of a rap song in the comment thread of my original post - quite funny. Here's a snippet from Crayzee Joe's rap in honor of his pastor:

You can strip away the titles
Just take 'em if you want
Get back to just callin' him
plain old Johnny Hunt

That's some pretty decent advice from one Southern Baptist.

Another blogger has argued that Hunt and other pastors tempted to describe themselves as "Dr." after receiving a diploma mill doctorate should remember the words of Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, who after the Flockhart scandal offered these wise words in an article entitled Integrity in Ministry:
  1. Guard your integrity by always being completely honest. Do not pad your resume or reputation with false or inflated accomplishments. The Bible says God hates a proud look and lying tongue (Proverbs 6:17). Be a truth-teller in every area of your life, both in the big things and the little things.



Blogger Greg said...

When searching for a doctorate degree one may not have the resources available to determine which postsecondary institutions and programs are accredited. That is, which ones are certified by an accrediting agency or state approval agency recognized by the United States Secretary of Education.

Also, one may not have the time to spend "hob-nobbing with the brethren hoping to get connections with an institution that can give you a High Degree."

These problems have been alleviated by The Independent Institute of Advanced Degrees. Information on their degree programs can be found here:



9:26 PM

Blogger Greg said...

Wait a minute... Why would a person want an "honorary" degree from a diploma mill?

If I payed for a degree (whether I spent 2/4/6/9 years and thousands of dollars; or 15 minutes writing out a check for a few hundred) I'd want a degree, not an "honorary" degree.

Perhaps one given to padding their resume in this manner thinks it less ostentatious to buy an "honorary" degree.

Not much honor in these honorary degrees.


10:57 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been in Johnny Hunt's church for 9 years and have never once heard him refer to himself as "Dr". Now granted that would be weird and third person but i think you fellas have a misguided view of how he takes himself. Pastor Johnny is a humble guy who loves Jesus and demonstrates that by loving people. Isn't that the point??? Just curious...

11:48 AM

Anonymous Crayzee Joe said...

Somebody took Crayzee Joe out of context...but that's typical blog action for a lot of people.

I was saying that if you took them away that he would still be more effective than most people who hold the title in spreading the Gospel - not that you should.

I'm not jumping back into this debate, though...but just please keep my "amateur rap" in context.

9:07 PM


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