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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton Visits Wacky Waco, Texas

So, Mike Huckabee and his sidekick Chuck Norris were in Waco yesterday at the Hilton Hotel.

Had I not been stuck working at the Library on the campus of Baylor University, I would have been in attendance. Where better to meet real-live Southern Baptists?

But today, February 29, Senator Hillary Clinton will be holding a rally at the Waco Convention Center. As a good Democrat, I will make my way to Washington Avenue to experience a little history along with my sister, Andrea. Andrea has supported Hillary from-the-get-go.

We're bringing my almost 20-month old nephew Camden James to the rally - a rally which he will hopefully one day regard as his baptism into the Democratic Party. You can never start a Young Dem too young....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton in "Wacky" Waco is fun to imagine. In the fall of 1982 and a new freshman at Baylor without a car, my world didn't extend much beyond Russell dorm and going to class. But I do recall conversations with peers about how the town of Waco itself seemed somehow like just an accessory for BU (or "Jerusalem on the Brazos" as my uncle called it) and that the citzens who worked at restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores were mysterious just by the fact that they chose to live in Waco. This reminisence has nothing whatsoever really to do with this post--but for some reasons it brought back some fun memories.

KM in CO

10:25 AM


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