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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

John Lewis: Decision Was Tougher Than Selma March

In my last post, I wrote about Congressman John Lewis' decision to endorse Senator Obama after previously pledging his support to Senator Clinton several months ago.

You can watch the interview below with The Congressman in which he states that his decision was tougher than his decision to march in Selma back in 1965. Take a listen - you can hear the struggle in his voice. While his claim may seem over-the-top to some, Congressman Lewis has said time and time again that his decision to march across that bridge over 40 years ago was not much of a decision for him. John Lewis was Called to march and march he did...

John Lewis: 43 years ago I marched across the bridge in Selma. That was much easier than the decision that I have to make but I had to make it.

Andrea Mitchell: You're saying that this decision was harder than the Selma March?

John Lewis: It was much tougher. All I had to do in Selma in 1965 was put on my trench coat and suit and backpack and walk and look straight ahead. But..

Andrea Mitchell: Congressman, you got your head beaten in...your face was covered with blood.

John Lewis: But this is tougher. I'm dealing with friends, people that I love, people that I admire, part of my extended family...

Listen or read Juan William's NPR interview with Congressman Lewis here.

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Blogger Christa Brown said...

Thank you for posting this powerfully human moment of insight with an extraordinary American.

7:58 PM

Anonymous charles said...

The decision might have been tough for Lewis. But, wouldn't it be tougher if he stood by his long time friend, Hillary Clinton, instead of going down a far easier path?

10:15 PM

Blogger Cat's Dad said...

A tough, heroic decision for Lewis would have been to shift support to a pro-life candidate.

Switching from Hillary to Obama is only tough because of the wrath the Clintons often inflict on those who don't go along.

I'm about to gag at this "powerfully human moment."

4:15 PM

Blogger The Whited Sepulchre said...

With all due respect to your mentor, and I do believe he's one of our greatest living heroes, the tougher choice would've been to honor his previous commitments and loyalties.
(Not as compared to walking across that bridge in Selma, but the tougher choice in 2008.)
Remaining loyal in the face of the current overwhelming African-American support for Obama would've guaranteed a tough re-election scenario for Mr. Lewis.

5:41 AM


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