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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bloggin' At The New Baptist Covenant

Last month I announced that the big daddy weave will be bloggin' for Baptists Today at the New Baptist Covenant Celebration which kicks off in less than a week! Here's a snippet from that announcement found in the Baptist Studies Bulletin:
Baptists Today looks forward to being present and to providing timely reports. We have a team of four bloggers lined up to give continually updated information at www.baptiststoday.org. Online editor Bruce Gourley and guest blogger Aaron “Big Daddy” Weaver will do live blogging as events unfurl. Think of them as doing “play-by-play” reporting of the action.

Contributing editor Tony Cartledge and I will do the “color commentary,” seeking to give interpretation and analysis of the various addresses. Additionally, we will post or link to the varied news stories coming out of the meeting. So we invite you to keep up with the historical gathering of Baptists Jan. 30 – Feb. 1 at www.baptiststoday.org. We’ll be there whether you can make it or not.

For complete coverage of the New Baptist Covenant, www.baptiststoday.org is the site to bookmark. Baptists Today will have links to our updated blogs, exclusive photos from the Celebration, easy access to the Live Video Stream, detailed Program Schedule and a link to the Online Discussion forum being hosted by BaptistLife.com

If you're planning on bloggin' at the Celebration, let me know here in the comment thread or via e-mail at aaron_weaver@baylor.edu - I'd like to know so that I can point readers in your direction as well. I have been told that the always insightful Don Byrd of the Baptist Joint Committee will be bloggin' during the Celebration over at Blog from the Capital. So make sure to check out Don too. I'm rather certain that Bruce Prescott of Mainstream Baptist and proprietor of the New Baptist Covenant blog along with church-state expert Melissa Rogers will provide their daily thoughts and analysis too.

Any thoughts, comments and/or suggestions from my readers and veteran live bloggers are more than welcome!!



Anonymous Jeremy said...

I will be attempting a "recap" blog at the end of each day. My laptop has a battery life of about .0001 seconds so I will not be able to cover it throughout the day; I guess the old fashioned way of the pen and paper will have to do until I get back to the hotel room!

7:48 AM

Blogger texasinafrica said...

I'll be doing some live/recap blogging and also writing for Ethics Daily. Thanks for the shoutout!

10:00 AM

Blogger Chris Schelin said...

I'm not sure if I'll blog there...we'll just have to see how the time goes...

9:52 PM


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