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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Baptist Press Spins Again...

Here is a snippet from a recent Baptist Press article compiled by Gregory Tomlin...
Carter and former President Bill Clinton announced their initiative Jan. 9 to unite moderate and liberal Baptists along issues that align with the Democratic Party’s political agenda. A proposed 2008 confab, “Celebration of a New Baptist Covenant,” will coincide with a U.S. presidential election year when Clinton’s wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D.-N.Y.), is a possible candidate.
First, the New Baptist Covenant seeks to unite more than just "moderate and liberal Baptists." The purpose of the Covenant is to unite Baptists in North America regardless of where they lie on the theological spectrum. Mr. Tomlin and the Baptist Press fail to mention that theologically conservative denominations are part of the North American Baptist Fellowship.

Present at the recent Carter Center gathering included representatives from denominations including the Seventh Day Baptist Conference, North American Baptist Conference USA & Canada, General Association of General Baptists, National Missionary Baptist Convention of America, and the Baptist General Conference (John Piper anyone?). Should I list more?

Tomlin and the Baptist Press staff suggest that the purpose of the New Baptist Covenant is to "unite moderate and liberal Baptists along issues that align with the Democratic Party's political agenda."

So, apparently the environment, sexual trafficking, racism, freedom of religion, poverty, and HIV/AIDS are not issues of concern for the Republican Party?? Shouldn't these worthwhile causes be at the top of any political party's agenda???

One can only hope that the Republican Party cares about the plight of the poor and for those suffering from AIDS both home and abroad.

And what does Hillary Clinton got to do with anything? She won't be attending - she's not Baptist. In fact, President Bill Clinton is not even listed as a speaker for next year's Celebration. President Clinton admitted that he attended the Carter Center gathering only as a "cheerleader." Keynote speakers to date include President Carter, Bill Moyers, and Marian Wright Edelman.

Again, what does Hillary Clinton got to do with anything???

It should be mentioned that George W. Bush addressed messengers to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention less than 5 months before the 2004 Presidential Election.

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Blogger texasinafrica said...

What Hillary Clinton has to do with anything is that she's an easy target - all you have to do is mention her name and the claws come out. Oh, it's going to be a long couple of years.

4:57 PM


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