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Monday, December 18, 2006

Parham of EthicsDaily.com on CNBC

The Baptist Center For Ethics and hundreds of Baptist ministers and leaders are continuing to call on Wal-Mart to become a Golden Rule company. See my previous post below for details.

Last Friday, Dr. Robert Parham, Executive Director of BCE, debated Wal-Mart spokesman Ira Combs on CNBC's "On The Money." Combs is the founder and pastor (Bishop) of the Greater Bible Way Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith in Jackson, Michigan. A Republican, Combs served on the National Exploratory Presidential Committee for Bush and served as a Steering Committee member of Bush's "Faith Based Initiative."

Read the story and watch the debate HERE.

I think you will agree - Parham got the best of the Suffragan Bishop.

I have noticed that all of the "Money" media hosts (CNBC, CNN, FOX) do not feel that it is appropriate to drag Christianity particularly the name of Jesus into an economic discussion. However, it is perfectly fine to inject the name of Jesus into tv conversations relating to abortion, stem-cell, birth control, and gay marriage.

Like Dr. Parham said, "Jesus speaks to every facet of human life and human society."

For more on why hosts like Neil Cavuto of Fox News and others do not want "to mix" what Jesus said and did in with the market place, read Parham's latest editorial.


Anonymous Lee said...

That's an excellent article by Parham. The fact is that the combination of Christ's teaching, and the example of the first Christian churches in the book of Acts, along with the teachings of Paul, do not support the profiteering and "rich get richer" economic mentality of America's free market economy. It also does not support an economic system where the advantages are skewed toward a small segment of people who were born into the "haves".

Good work on Parham's part.

7:31 AM


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